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We want this blog to be the first stop for people who want to learn more about the ADZbuzz Project and ADZcoin, and how they can benefit from it in various ways. Whether you are an investor, internet marketer, publisher, merchant or just a regular web user that would like to earn some money online whilst being a part of something huge then the ADZbuzz Project is not to be missed.

As supporters of the project from the very early beginning we have watched its concept evolve and the community grow to what it is today! We aim to share with you all the latest and updated information about ADZbuzz and ADZcoin, and most importantly how you can benefit from it in one way or another

The vision of the ADZbuzz Project is to finally solve the issue of ad-blockers that is causing publishers to lose billions of dollars in potential revenue. Their vision is to change the ad-supported web as we know it with an innovative system and concept that is like no other solution so far on the market. They have designed the ultimate solution to ad-blockers!

And ADZcoin is the decentralized crypto-currency that is the fuel of the ADZbuzz Project’s economy – that will make a lot of people super wealthy in due time.

We at ADZ4life plan to present all we know about the ADZbuzz Project as plainly as possible, and show you just how amazing and easy it is for you to benefit from it.

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