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How to Earn Daily on ADZbuzz 100% Risk Free and Turn it into a Passive Income Stream?

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The internet marketing and online world is saturated with over hyped risky opportunities. But that is not what I want to present you with today. Right now I want to share with you a unique innovative opportunity that may even sound too good to be true to many of you, but try it out yourself as you have nothing to lose. Don’t just take my word for it but join the community and test it out yourselves.

I am very confident that once you do start earning daily and building a passive income stream for free no matter where you are in the world as this is a global opportunity – you would find it extremely difficult to find another opportunity like it! There is nothing else like it at the moment as far as I know.

All you are going to need is an internet connection and a device that can access the internet – preferably a laptop or PC. Then you are basically good to go to start following the easy made steps outlined below to earning and building a free passive income stream.

Step One: Join ADZbuzz

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-24 18.17.03

ADZbuzz is a viral news sites social media platform. It is designed to be the Facebook of content and news. People can discover, read, share and engage with each other around interesting articles and posts.

Unlike other social media platforms out there ADZbuzz is unique and very innovative in concept. It has a free lucrative earning opportunity attached to it that is crypto-currency and fiat currency based. The ADZbuzz community can earn dollars and the crypto-currency ADZcoin risk-free.

ADZbuzz is a real long-term legitimate online business opportunity that generates revenue in legit ways, such as through other online businesses connected to the ADZbuzz network like the ADZbuzz Services and so on. ADZbuzz just shares it’s revenue that it generates from multiple revenue streams based on legitimate sales of products or services with the ADZbuzz community.

So you need to be a part of ADZbuzz viral news site if you want to earn daily and build a passive income stream 100% risk free. This opportunity could change your life once you learn more about the benefits of earning ADZcoin. So create your FREE ADZbuzz account below, confirm your email address (check your spam box) then move onto the second step.

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Step Two: Start Earning For FREE!

There are several ways that you can earn on ADZbuzz 100% for free. You can earn by yourself or even scale your daily earnings much more by sharing this amazing opportunity with others too.

Of course putting some effort in and sharing this opportunity with others by showing them just how they can benefit from ADZbuzz and building your referral list would generate you more income than someone that decides to just earn solo and not promote.

However, either way both options would give you free earnings whereby you can build a free passive income stream, and I am going to show you how you can benefit from either or both without having to spend a penny if you don’t want to!

Ways to Earn on ADZbuzz Without Referrals

1) Logging into your ADZbuzz Account Daily:

ADZbuzz will pay you daily ADZcoin earnings simply for logging into your ADZbuzz account to discover amazing content online. It really is that simple.

Below is a recent screenshot of my daily earnings for logging into my ADZbuzz account (which I do anyways as I always check my ADZbuzz account multiple times a day):
ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-24 19.36.19

 2) Adding the ADZlink to your Blog Website:

This method of earning is mainly for bloggers. ADZbuzz has a tool called the ADZlink that is designed to give bloggers more traffic and exposure to their content, plus an extra passive monetization stream for their blog.

You can learn more about the ADZlink HERE

You must have your own domain name in order to add the ADZlink to your blog as a requirement. I currently do not have one, so do not have any earnings to show for it. However, there are many bloggers and publishers adding the ADZlink to their blog all the time and you can see some recent ones below:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-24 19.50.05

So if you have a blog adding the ADZlink to your blog is one of the easiest ways to start earning ADZcoin passively from ADZbuzz.

3) Activating the Done For You (DFY) Advertising Option:

This is probably my favourite method so far of earning on ADZbuzz as it is 100% passive. The DFY-option can be used to have your ADZcoin earnings – that you earn on ADZbuzz from any method – work for you passively to further grow your income stream.

You can learn more about the DFY-Advertising Option HERE

Every ADZcoin that you own is backed by ADZbuzz advertising space for life. So by owning ADZcoin you basically own life-long advertising space on ADZbuzz to advertise. For people who own ADZcoin but do not have anything to advertise they can opt-into the DFY-Advertising Option, whereby ADZbuzz will utilize the ad-space that you own from your coins to advertise on your behalf, and then share the revenue from any sales with you as passive income.

This happens whilst you always have 100% full ownership of your coins. So this method of earning is basically a free passive income stream. The more ADZcoins you have deposited in the DFY-system the more revenue you receive upon distribution once sales are made.

Below is a screenshot of my recent passive earnings on ADZbuzz from the DFY-Advertising Option:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-24 19.21.02

Ways to Earn on ADZbuzz With Referrals

1) Earn Passively From Referrals Daily Logging in Activity:

Referrals that you have shared ADZbuzz with would earn you a daily passive income stream every time they earn from logging into their account daily.

Below is a screen shot of my recent earnings from my active referrals:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-24 21.15.42

All I did to earn from this pool is exactly what I am doing now; sharing this amazing opportunity with you so that you can benefit from it too, and showing you how to as well. By helping as many people as I can to earn and learn more about ADZbuzz – I am also helping myself and indirectly everybody else in the community that is holding ADZcoin too.

2) Earn Passively From Referrals that Add the ADZlink to their Blog:

If you refer someone that adds the ADZlink to their blog then as their sponsor you would also earn passively as well.

Below is a screenshot of my recent earnings from sharing the ADZlink with other bloggers:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-24 23.51.54

3) Earn Referral Commissions From Referral Purchases:

ADZbuzz will have products and services whereby if any of your referrals purchase or use them you would generate referral commissions as a result even in USD. One of the most recent examples that has just been launched is the ADZbuzz Services platform.

This platform is just one of many that the ADZbuzz company will be launching. And any of my referrals that purchase a service from that platform for instance would earn me affiliate commissions in dollars, which can be withdrawn via PayPal. At the moment I have yet to earn from this method.

Step Three: How to Build a Passive Income Stream on ADZbuzz?

Building a passive income stream on ADZbuzz can be done either by putting in some effort to gain referrals and/or by opting into the DFY-Advertising option.

Gaining referrals is simply a matter of taking the time out to promote the platform by sharing the opportunity with others and showing them how they can benefit from it too. It does take time and effort but it is extremely rewarding.

However, the DFY-Advertising option can be done even if you have no referrals. All the ADZcoins that you earn from ADZbuzz can be used to activate the DFY system so that you can earn even more.

To activate the DFY-Advertising option you simply have to transfer your earnings on ADZbuzz from your Earning Wallet to your Ad-Wallet (see screenshot below).

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-25 00.33.13

In my Earning Wallet available balance there is 37 ADZcoins which can be transferred into the Ad-Wallet and be used to activate the DFY-Advertising option by clicking on the ‘transfer link’.

Note: ADZbuzz releases payments after every 30 days of the date the payment has been made. So if you received payments for the first 30 days upon joining then the following 30 days those payments would be released to you daily. Meanwhile their status would be ‘pending.’ Only once the payments are released would you be able to use them for the DFY option or cash them out. In the picture above there are 2,033 ADZcoins that are still owed to me; these are the total coins that are still pending and are being released to me daily which I can then put into the DFY-system to earn even more.   

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-25 00.35.29

A new window will appear asking how many coins would you like to transfer from your Earning Wallet to your Ad-Wallet. Send them all over and make sure you tick the ‘Enabled DFY’ box before clicking on ‘Transfer’, otherwise you would have to do it manually from your Ad-Wallet.


And that is how easy it is to join ADZbuzz where ever you are in the world and start earning 100% risk free earnings and start building a free passive income stream without spending a penny even. Of course if you decide to buy ADZcoins and deposit them into the DFY-Advertising system then that would be a fast track to earning a passive income stream without a doubt. And a very smart lucrative investment to add to your portfolio which I strongly recommend.

I have earned nearly 10k FREE ADZcoins within the last few months and I am earning them passively too. Imagine the value of those coins once they easily just reach a $1? And considering I see this particular coin being worth triple digits one day in the future you can understand why I am so excited about it’s potential. Earning and owning as much ADZcoin as you can may very well change your life in the future, as ADZbuzz goes more mainstream and gains more traction.

The price of ADZcoin now is still very cheap and extremely undervalued, but soon this limited asset which is backed by advertising space can easily be worth $10+ a coin. It is not far-fetched at all if only you understand the nature of crypto-currency, and how easy it is for a coin that gains traction to jump from cents to dollars then even hundreds in a short period of time.

The market value of one ADZcoin at the moment is around $0.03 cents, but the more people that are joining ADZbuzz daily and learning about ADZcoin and investing in it for the life-long advertising that it offers; the greater the value ADZcoin will become in the future, since it’s supply is limited against a growing demand.

To learn more about why ADZcoin is bound to sky-rocket tremendously in value then watch the short video below:

Now that you have a slight idea about the potential of ADZcoin I recommend that you join ADZbuzz and start earning ADZcoin for FREE today and building your passive income stream, whilst the price of ADZcoin is still so undervalued. Now is the time to get in early before the masses get on board, and the window of opportunity to earn this coin at cents is gone forever.

Be a part of the ADZbuzz community today and join the movement of financial freedom seekers, as you have nothing to lose by participating but a lot to potentially gain!

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