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How to Own Life-long Advertising or Earn Passive Income on Viral News Site With ADZcoin?

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The viral news site social media platform ADZbuzz allows users to own free life-long advertising by owning the crypto-currency asset ADZcoin.

ADZcoin is an asset that is backed by advertising space, so anyone that owns them by either purchasing them or earning them for FREE on the ADZbuzz viral news site owns advertising space for life; so long as they are in possession of their coins. If you sell your coins you are basically trading advertising space.

What makes advertising on the ADZbuzz viral news site so unique and attractive compared to any other social media platform or website is the fact that it is basically free and life-long. Once you own ADZcoin not only do you always have 100% full ownership of your coins but will also have free life-long advertising on ADZbuzz and across it’s network. Each coin would give you ad-impressions (i.e. exposure to your ad) for life so long as you hold them. Think about how much money people can save in advertising as ADZbuzz grows and their ad-server improves to the quality of Facebook with high targeting options.

Plus on top of that everyone can benefit from owning ADZcoin even if they are not advertisers and have nothing to promote. There is a done-for-you (DFY) option that people that own ADZcoin can freely opt-into and earn a life-long passive income stream too (more details below).

How to Buy ADZcoin on ADZbuzz and Activate the DFY Passive Income Stream?

People can now easily buy ADZcoin from within ADZbuzz at market value instantaneously without needing to use an exchange and automatically have their ADZcoins deposited in their Ad-wallet activating their DFY passive income stream.

For a tutorial on how to buy ADZcoin and use them to activate the DFY passive income stream or to advertise on ADZbuzz then please click HERE

The DFY option on ADZbuzz enables people who own ADZcoin but are not using them to promote anything, to instead allow ADZbuzz to utilize the ad-space that they own on their behalf. ADZbuzz then keeps sharing any revenue that they make from it with participants of the DFY pool.

This is how anyone can generate a passive income stream by owning ADZcoin even if they do not want to use their coins to advertise their own stuff, as they have nothing to promote. They can instead opt-into the DFY option of ADZbuzz and earn passively as a result of any revenue generated from ADZbuzz promoting and using your ad-space on your behalf.

Here is an example of some of my passive earnings from the DFY pool on ADZbuzz and I have only deposited 2,452 ADZcoin in my DFY enabled Ad-wallet balance so far:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-20 18.58.58

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-20 18.57.57

We only earn from the DFY so long as sales are being made from whatever ADZbuzz is promoting on our behalf using the ad-space we own with our coins. If there are no sales coming in from the promotional efforts then earnings will pause or carry over until they start coming in.

Similar to if you were to use the coins you own to advertise your own affiliate links or products etc. you would only earn so long as sales are being made to whatever you are promoting. The DFY option works in exactly the same way, but it is convenient as ADZbuzz does all the work for you and you just reap the rewards, as passive income whenever there is sales being made.

The more ADZcoin you own the more ad-impressions you would receive for life if you are using it to advertise on your own, or the more DFY earnings you would receive as passive income when they share the distribution of earnings. You can also always opt-in and out of the DFY option as you wish and use your coins how you want on ADZbuzz – whenever you want.

And the best part of it all is no matter how you decide to use your ADZcoins on ADZbuzz whether you opt-in to the DFY option or not, you will always have 100% full ownership of your coins. So as your asset increases in value over time as the ADZbuzz user base grows and the company generates more revenue etc. you would be able to sell your ADZcoins whenever you want.

Of course, selling your coins would be selling the ad-space that you own on ADZbuzz so think twice before selling it too cheap, as it would be worth a lot more over the years!

What is ADZcoin? 

ADZcoin is an asset set up in a unique way that is designed to gain constant gradual value which makes for a perfect investment opportunity. Watch the short video below to learn some of the reasons why ADZcoin is bound to sky-rocket in value in due time making investors very wealthy the longer they hold onto their coins.

Right now the price of an ADZcoin is around 3.5 cents still very extremely undervalued but once it gains more traction and goes more mainstream the price would go into dollars straight away. Plus with the system behind the set-up of ADZcoin it is bound to go into into dollars when ready sooner or later.

So now the window of opportunity to own a lot of advertising space by owning this limited asset for so cheap is still wide open. But won’t be forever. Once the coin jumps into dollars upwards gone are the days where people would be able to secure ADZbuzz advertising space for as low as 3.5 cents per coin.

I strongly recommend you join ADZbuzz and start earning FREE ADZcoin daily and invest in some ADZcoin whilst they are still so extremely cheap and undervalued, before the platform really takes off as more users join every day and the opportunity now would be history!

Timing is everything… so do not miss this life-changing potential opportunity right before you!

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