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How to Easily Buy ADZcoin on ADZbuzz?

How to Buy ADZcoin on ADZbuzz?

If you do not have an ADZbuzz account yet then make sure you create one HERE

ADZbuzz has simplified the process for everybody as not everyone knows how to use a crypto-currency exchange. So they have a feature whereby people can now buy ADZcoin at market value instantaneously in 3 easy steps.

All you need to do is when you join ADZbuzz and login to your account. On the homepage click on the ‘Buy ADZcoins’ tab.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-05-23 14.57.53

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-20 21.39.10

If you are new to ADZbuzz I strongly recommend you read that whole page in its entirety and all the testimonials from the ADZbuzz community already buying ADZcoins, as well as the FAQ section too.

Once you have done that then you would want to buy ADZcoins even more so!

How to Buy ADZcoins in 3 Easy Steps?

After reading the sales page in full click on the ‘buy ADZcoins’ button on the navigation section.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-20 21.24.04

You would then be re-directed to the following page:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-20 21.26.13

Step One – Buy Bitcoin

You first need to buy Bitcoin.

On the page there is a list of suggested platforms (at the bottom) that you can use to easily buy Bitcoin’s. Choose a platform that is best for you in the part of the world you live in. Alternatively, do a Google search for buying Bitcoin in the part of the world you are in and see what you can find. There are so many ways people can easily but Bitcoin now globally so it should not be too hard to find a platform that is convenient for you.

Personally I prefer to use Coinfloor or Bittylicious in the UK which allows you to easily pay via bank transfer for your Bitcoins so it is convenient.

Step Two – Deposit the Bitcoin to the Address You See Below

Once you have purchased the Bitcoin you then need to send it to the address you see in Step Two on your screen.

Step Three – Done

Once you have sent the Bitcoin to the address it may take a while for the transaction to be confirmed in the network. But wants it is confirmed those Bitcoins would be instantaneously used to purchase ADZcoin at the current market value and deposited in your ADZbuzz account.

Settings – To Automatically Send Your ADZcoins to Your Ad-Wallet and Activate the DFY Option

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-20 22.09.37

At the bottom of the page make sure both boxes are ticked under the settings.

The first box ensures the ADZcoins that you purchased are automatically sent to your Ad-wallet which would save you from having to do it manually as done in the video above, where I sent the ADZcoins manually from my ADZbuzz Web Wallet to the Ad-Wallet (as the option was not available at the time).

The second box ensures the ADZcoins that you purchased are automatically placed within your DFY balance so that you can start earning a passive income stream as explained in the video. If you would prefer to use those coins instead for your own advertisements then just un-tick the ‘add to DFY balance’ box. The ADZcoins would then be placed in your DFY disabled balance in your Ad-wallet for you to use to submit your own ads on ADZbuzz. But if you have nothing to promote then leave the boxes ticked so that the coins are added to your DFY balance and you can start earning a passive income.

Remember you can always manually move coins from within your Ad-wallet between the DFY-enabled balance and DFY-disabled balance as shown in the video above by clicking on the ‘adjust’ link (see pic below). No matter how you use the ADZcoins that you purchase on ADZbuzz they are always 100% yours and you have full ownership of those coins always.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-22 13.58.19

claim free access

How to Use ADZcoin to Advertise Your Own Links on ADZbuzz?

In the settings on the buy ADZcoin page un-check the box that says ‘Add to DFY Balance.’ Then click on update.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-22 16.12.43

Buy ADZcoins using the steps explained above and your coins would be deposited into your Ad-wallet in the DFY-disabled balance.

All ADZcoins within your DFY-disabled balance in your Ad-wallet are the coins that you can use to promote your own advertisements or withdraw if you want to cash them out instead.

To start promoting your own ads click on ‘Submit New’ under the Adverts Manager on the left panel from within your Ad-wallet.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-22 16.18.38

You can then submit your URL link that you would like to promote on the ADZbuzz platform then click the ‘share’ button.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-22 16.19.52

Once you have submitted your ad you can then click on ‘My Advertisements’ under the Adverts Manager on the left panel and this would show you the status of the ad you submitted and whether it has been approved or is still pending approval (see pic below).

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-06-22 16.35.16

The above ad is still pending approval and has not been activated yet. In this section you can also edit the ad or delete it if you wish to.

So long as you have ADZcoins in your DFY-disabled balance you can submit as many ads as you wish to promote on ADZbuzz. All your ads would receive distributed impressions (i.e. exposure) equally based on the amount of ADZcoins you own. The less ADZcoins you own the less exposure your ads would receive, but the more ADZcoins you own the more life-long exposure your ADZcoins would receive.

Bear that in mind if you own a little bit of ADZcoins and submitting multiple ads that each ad would receive very little exposure each, unless you buy more ADZcoins.

Note: At the moment ADZbuzz is still in beta and the ad server is still basic with ads being submitted via a URL link. However ADZbuzz will be improving their ad server and the way people can promote on the platform and across their network. Eventually they will have an ad server similar to Facebook where people will have high-level targeting options and so on. Just imagine how much the value of 1 ADZcoin would cost then as each ADZcoin would give the owner life-long advertising.

To learn more about the reasons why ADZcoin is bound to sky-rocket in value I strongly recommend you watch this short video.Presentation1 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2017-05-10 12.23.26

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