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ADZbuzz Traffic Offer: The Most Lucrative Crypto-currency Advertising Opportunity Perfect for Everyone

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ADZbuzz Life-Long Traffic Offer

A social media advertising budget can be expensive especially as you need to keep topping up after each campaign ends.

How easy is it to spend over $100 on social media advertising? Way too easy!

But how long would such a campaign even last before you have to top it up again with another $100 to keep the traffic coming in?

Now, how does life-long advertising for free sound?

Yes! I kid you not!

Imagine being able to advertise for life on Facebook or any other social media platform for FREE.

ADZbuzz the viral news site social media platform has introduced it’s new life-long traffic offer and it would give you free advertising for life across the ADZbuzz social media platform to start off with, as well as on their partner sites within the ADZbuzz network once they are ready.

Below are a list of sites that ADZbuzz Ltd. will have running:

ADZbuzz – Content Discovery Social Media Platform

ADZbuzz Savers – Price Comparison Site

Services Marketplace – Fiverr Jobs

Shops Marketplace – Etsy Type Site

Tifostarter – Football News Site And Crowdfunding For Fans

Website Marketplace – Flippa Type Site

Digital Marketplace – Selling Themes And Scripts

ADZbuzz Freelancers – Marketplace For Projects

ADZbuzz Training Center – Training Membership site

ADZbuzz Crowdfunding – Pledge For ADZ Projects

ADZbuzz Exchange – An Exchange Platform to Buy and Sell ADZcoin

And there are many more to come in the future too!

So this life-long traffic offer will give you free advertising for life across the whole ADZbuzz network.

How awesome is that?!

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Done For You Advertising Option

passive income2

The ADZbuzz life-long traffic offer is perfect for literally everyone and not just advertisers. Advertisers who want to promote their own products and services can do so, but what about people who have nothing to promote, don’t know how to start and don’t even have the time to learn.

How can they benefit from this lucrative opportunity?

Well ADZbuzz has a completely done for you (DFY) advertising solution that people that purchase this offer can opt-in to. What this means is that the company will promote a high converting offer on your behalf and would share the earnings with you as they come along.

So if you have literally nothing to promote, but you would like to earn passive payments for life without having to do anything. Then all you have to do is simply purchase ADZcoin; sit back and the company will do all the heavy lifting and hard work for you!

While you reap in life-long passive payments from their promotional efforts on your behalf!

How cool is that?!

You need not be an advertiser to profit!

You need not have any experience!

You don’t need to do anything basically except purchase ADZcoin and opt-in to have it completely done for you!

It is really that simple and easy.

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Become Super Wealthy From Owning ADZcoin

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Oh yeah, when I said this is the most lucrative advertising opportunity ever! I meant it!

It is also very possible to become extremely wealthy by just owning ADZcoin. But timing is everything if you want to achieve this goal. So make sure you take action right now or literally as soon as possible, so you do not miss it!

And let me explain.

Watch the short video above and read the top reasons why ADZcoin is bound to sky-rocket in value post, in order to gain some back-ground if you are not familiar with crypto-currency and specifically ADZcoin.

What follows next is a continuation to that post as to how ADZcoin has even more solid reasons to give the coin huge value and demand.

Every ADZcoin in existence will have real world underlying intrinsic value, as each coin would be backed by life-long ad-space on the ADZbuzz network.

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry that companies and marketers are paying for every single day. And ADZcoin is backed by life-long ad-space! That means if you own ADZcoin you also own ad-space for life on ADZbuzz!

ADZcoin now has real intrinsic value and purpose as each coin is backed by an asset that people pay billions of dollars for every single day.

Nice… so how does this relate to the life-long advertising opportunity and you becoming filthy rich?

When you buy ADZcoins – ADZbuzz will set everything up for you. They would deposit the ADZcoins into your ADZbuzz Ad-wallet account. And activate the done for you (DFY) offer, so that you can start earning payments for life if that is what you would prefer!

Or if you would like to advertise your own products, services or affiliate links then you can submit your own ads, just like you would submit ads on Facebook for instance.

The ad-views would be evenly distributed among advertisers based on the amount of ADZcoins you have in your wallet, the more you have the more ad-views you would receive to all your ad-spots in this life-long traffic offer!

Right now the price of ADZcoins are worth pennies. Absolutely dirt cheap. If you have watched the above video and read the top 10 reasons why ADZcoin will gain value, plus taking into consideration that each ADZcoin is backed by ad-space – you would have a full picture by now how those ADZcoins can make you super rich the longer you hold them!

And with this offer you can either advertise on ADZbuzz for life or earn passive payments from the done-for-offer (DFY) solution, whilst you watch your ADZcoin investment grow in value over time!

Now the price of an ADZcoin is $0.015 cents (time of writing). $100 at this given moment can purchase you around 6,666 ADZcoins. If one ADZcoin reaches the value of just $151 in the future that would give your investment a value of $1 million.

Looking at the bigger picture of it all and how the system behind ADZcoin is set up the price of the coin eventually reaching $150 is not difficult to envision at all!

Just look at how Bitcoin was once worth 1 cent and has risen to over $2500 in price for one Bitcoin. Needless to say whoever purchased Bitcoin at cents and held onto them these past 8 years are super rich indeed.

We can’t forget about this guy now can we?

Man Buys Bitcoin, Forgets About It, Remembers, Finds A Fortune - Business Insider - Google Chrome 2017-05-01 18.15.08.png

You really do not want to ignore this opportunity by not taking any action, and one day see similar headlines all across the web in relation to ADZcoin.

The regret would be very painful to swallow.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

money back guarantee

Now you may be thinking everything sounds amazing, but how would you benefit from the ADZcoin value rise if you purchase ADZcoin on ADZbuzz to use for advertising or to activate the DFY passive income stream?

Well your ADZcoins that you have purchased for life-long advertising or the DFY option is 100% yours! You retain 100% ownership of all the ADZcoins that you purchase to use for advertising or the DFY offer, and you can withdraw them whenever you want at anytime to use or sell. Selling your ADZcoin is basically selling precious life-long ad-space.

Let that sink in.

How awesome is that?!

So imagine you purchased $200 worth of ADZcoins to advertise on ADZbuzz for life. You can easily buy them instantaneously on ADZbuzz at market value, without having to worry about the technical side of buying coins on an exchange. The ADZcoins would be deposited in your ADZbuzz Ad-wallet account. You then have two options:

  1. Advertise your own stuff
  2. Opt-in for the done-for-you (DFY) solution and receive passive payments from the promotions on your behalf

Now imagine your 13,000 ADZcoins that you purchased with $200 jumped up to $1 in value within 6 months time. You can easily withdraw half of it and sell them and keep the other half on ADZbuzz to continually be able to advertise, or receive passive payments in the done-for-you offer.

That is an easily achievable hypothetical example, because ADZcoin rising up to $1 or even $10+ in value is still extremely cheap!

But now do you see or understand how this is the best and most lucrative advertising opportunity ever that is perfect for everyone online!

I don’t think you will find a better advertising opportunity that offers so much value, so much investment potential, and is 100% redeemable – plus it is a life-long traffic offer all at the same time!

With this system there would be thousands of advertisers keeping their ADZcoins locked away on ADZbuzz for life, in order to benefit from the traffic they receive every single day from the ADZbuzz network.

This phenomenon would also create scarcity of ADZcoins in the long run, causing the value to go up even more with the demand!

It is a complete no brainer opportunity which ever way you look at it!

How to Buy ADZcoin?

ADZbuzz has simplified the process for everybody as not everyone knows how to use a crypto-currency exchange.

They have an easy 3 step process whereby anyone can purchase ADZcoin on ADZbuzz and start benefiting from them right away.

A completely new novice to crypto-currency would be able to do it!

To learn how to buy ADZcoin on ADZbuzz in 3 easy steps then please click HERE 

One of the great things about ADZbuzz is that even if you cannot afford to buy any ADZcoins you can still earn them daily for FREE via multiple ways by joining the platform. So everyone can literally benefit from this unique opportunity regardless of their financial status.

I Want it Now!

act now

I don’t blame you!

I am buying tons of it myself!

And earning tons of it for FREE on ADZbuzz too!

All you need to do is join ADZbuzz below and you are good to go!

This opportunity is always available but don’t wait too late, until the ADZcoin value is up in dollars, as you would receive less ADZcoins for your money.

The earlier you take action and act the better your chances of becoming extremely wealthy even sooner from this lucrative opportunity!

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