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Can ADZcoin Perform Better Than Litecoin?

A $100 Worth Of Litecoin A Year Ago Is Worth $30,000 Today - Google Chrome 2017-05-14 14.43.19Litecoin is another famous crypto-currency that was introduced into the market on October 2011 – a couple of years after Bitcoin. It was known as silver to Bitcoin being gold. One of the main noticeable differences between the two is that Litecoin has faster transaction confirmation time compared to Bitcoin.

Apart from that there is nothing really spectacular about Litecoin as a crypto-currency. It’s concept is not really different than Bitcoin’s or any other crypto-currency that has copied Bitcoin after it’s success. And that is to be a decentralized medium of exchange that can be used in trade for goods or services if accepted by merchants.

However, the crypto-currency market is now saturated with hundreds of crypto-currencies that offer just that, so the competition is relentless. Merchants are not going to accept every single crypto-currency coin on the market, nor are people going to adopt all those coins either.

Bitcoin was the first of it’s kind so it had first mover advantage and took the lead by default. It is not sufficient anymore for crypto-currencies to just copy Bitcoin in concept as the market is now saturated with nearly every coin having the ability to be used as a medium of exchange – if merchants decide to accept them.

Litecoin Performance History

That being said let’s take a look at how Litecoin has performed since 2013:

Litecoin (LTC) $29.15 (5.16%) _ CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations - Google Chrome 2017-05-14 14.24.19

In the beginning of 2013 Litecoin was worth around $0.07 cents, and in that same year by November 2013 it peaked to an all time high of $50 in value per Litecoin.

In fact people that purchased Litecoin at cents and sold them at $50 would have earned way more than people that purchased Bitcoin during that same period of time. Bitcoin increased in value around 50 times during that period. However Litecoin increased in value 714 times; giving an investor a return of 71, 400%!

It is clear now during that time buying Litecoin at cents was the better opportunity, as you received more for your money and stood to gain a greater return should it ever increase beyond cents into dollars.

A person that spent $100 on Litecoin in January 2013 while it was at cents and sold the coin at it’s peak of $50 would have made $71, 428.

After the peak the coin gradually dropped in value and remained below $10 in price for a over a couple of years, until today where it has recently spiked again and is hovering around $30 per Litecoin.

The point is that Litecoin has nothing special or unique about it in the crypto-currency world, but has performed very lucratively for early investors who purchased the coin while at cents. Litecoin is like hundreds of other crypto-currency coins on the market with its concept and what it has to offer, but has still made a lot of wealth for the people who bought the coin at cents and held onto it long enough.

Now bearing in mind Litecoin is not really unique, but has performed really well due to people buying into it than ADZcoin should do a 100 times better!

And I am not just saying that for the sake of saying it, because I will compare and contrast the two coins and you will see for yourself – whether you think ADZcoin can out perform Litecoin in value.

ADZcoin Performance History

Adzcoin (ADZ) $0.026596 (11.97%) _ CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations - Google Chrome 2017-05-14 14.33.01

ADZcoin was introduced into the market on December 26th 2015. In comparison to Litecoin which is coming into its 6th year of existence, ADZcoin is still in its infancy having only existed for just 17 months.

During this time the highest it has ever reached has been $0.16 cents, due to excitement during that period over a development that was scrapped. Since then the price of ADZcoin has remained more or less the same price since it’s inception and has been fluctuating between 1 – 3 cents in value.

Right now, I am getting excited because that means the window of opportunity is still wide open and you would see that too!

During the past 17 months the concept behind ADZcoin has been under development. Remember the market is saturated with coins like Litecoin, and in order to be a successful coin today to compete with Bitcoin you need to offer real world value with your coin; beyond it just being able to be used as a medium of exchange like the hundreds of others out there already offer!

The concept behind ADZcoin has taken 17 months to develop with a lot of testing, scrapping and improving, until today where it is all complete and finalized. The little excitement that boost the price of ADZcoin to $0.16 cents giving people a small profit is nothing compared to what is to come, and what this coin has to offer the world!

Similarities Between Litecoin and ADZcoin

ADZcoin can be used to do everything that Litecoin does in terms of being a decentralized currency that can be used as a medium of exchange; accepted by merchants.

Other similarities the two coins have in common is that they both have a maximum supply of 84 million coins.

The current circulating supply of ADZcoin is 54.7 million and Litecoin is 51.1 million so they are both very close.

And they both have fast transaction confirmation times too.

Differences Between Litecoin and ADZcoin

Presentation1 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2017-05-14 18.45.32

As mentioned the main concept of Litecoin is just to be a Bitcoin alternative that offers a faster transaction time with a larger coin supply. It gains value just like any other crypto-currency based on supply and demand. But that concept of just being a decentralized medium of exchange is basically the same concept as many other hundreds of crypto-currencies on the market now.

However ADZcoin offers exactly that, plus so much more real world value as well!

ADZcoin has a viral news social media site that supports the coin whereby people can earn it for free, and so much more that is designed to give the coin a lot of demand. Such as having a lucrative global affiliate program to ensure that the coin and it’s benefits will always be promoted. One of the hardest things is for a crypto-currency to gain demand and go mainstream, but the team behind ADZcoin has spent the last 17 months creating a system designed to go viral and mainstream; getting ADZcoin in the hands of millions of people with ease! Even if they are new to crypto-currency.

In fact they have perfected the system to ensure ADZcoin will have constant demand not just from speculators and investors, as the rest of the crypto-currencies on the market; but also from businesses that will use their profit revenue to constantly buy ADZcoins on the open market from sellers – whilst burning half of the purchased coins and distributing the other half with the ADZbuzz community.

This basically means that the supply of ADZcoin long-term would gradually and constantly shrink and could one day have a lower circulating supply than even Bitcoin, whilst having more demand than Bitcoin too. Simply due to the viral news site ADZbuzz having the potential to easily grow into the millions of users all over the world growing the ADZcoin community with ease. Through ADZbuzz many people will own their very first crypto-currency ADZcoin for free and learn about it, and with the nature of the set-up and atmosphere of the community they would be inclined to invest in it too.

ADZcoin Value From Advertising Space

ADZcoin would also have real purpose and value behind the coin too than just being another crypto-currency that offers privacy and a decentralized medium of exchange. ADZcoin is backed by advertising space across the ADZbuzz network. That means whoever owns ADZcoin would be able to use it to advertise for life and for free without ever losing ownership of their coins (i.e. they can sell them whenever they want). ADZbuzz will focus on constantly growing their ad-space, improving their ad-servers to provide high-level targeting options and growing the ADZbuzz platform – all of which would increase the intrinsic value of ADZcoin overtime. Advertisers alone would keep their ADZcoins stored away off of the open market simply to benefit from the free life-long advertising their coins give them; which would save them money on their advertising campaigns.

Imagine the value of ADZcoin 5 years from now when it has been running nearly the same duration as Litecoin today. Considering ADZcoin is set up to have a strong viral growing community due to the lucrative affiliate program; it is set up to make it easy and simple for non-crypto users to earn, learn about and buy ADZcoin; it is set up to have constant growing demand with a shrinking supply from the ADZbuzz Ltd. company; it is set up to attract investors, affiliate marketers, passive income seekers and advertisers all of whom would be interested in earning and buying ADZcoin through ADZbuzz. Remember the multi-billion advertising world alone once they learn about the free life-long advertising that ADZcoin has to offer that would be sufficient to give this coin tremendous value – let alone all the other factors that are in place to give it value too.

ADZcoin is not designed to remain at cents forever and has much more potential than coins like Litecoin which has managed to jump from cents to over $50 simply due to demand; based mostly on speculation from buyers when there is nothing really unique or special about the coin compared to many others on the market. So if Litecoin can reach $50 per coin then ADZcoin which would eventually have an even smaller supply can easily triple that value in the long-run. It is not far-fetched and it is just a matter of time in the crypto-world before ADZcoin will never be worth cents again. And those that earned it for free or invested in it during that era were similar to the early Bitcoin and Litecoin investors who stood to gain the greatest returns – if they held their coins long enough.

The video below explains why ADZcoin is the best crypto-currency to invest in right now, because it has not even gained any real value yet from its inception, and it is still priced at cents just like Litecoin once was.

And if Litecoin can jump to $50 per coin than ADZcoin can easily jump to $500 per coin, and it is very easy to imagine it too – once you understand how the system behind ADZcoin has been set up to give it constant demand and deflationary supply.

After watching that video I recommend that you also read the top 10 reasons why ADZcoin is bound to sky-rocket in value!

And I cannot emphasize enough how much this coin is an opportunity right now. And the window is still open, but once it jumps to dollars you would have missed the greatest era to capitalize on this opportunity while it was at cents – if you do not take action today!

There is no excuse as people can also earn ADZcoin daily for FREE too!

Whoever or where ever you are, you can benefit in one way or another from ADZcoin if you take action!

If you’re reading this then you have landed on something that could change your whole life forever… just like the many other early adopters of all crypto-currencies that have gained momentum from once being worth cents.

ADZcoin has been designed to tick all the boxes. And in the next few months there are going to be heavy promotions for ADZcoin, and that is when the cents era would be gone once and for all!

If you have no money then earn it for free! There is absolutely no excuse to miss this opportunity.

Either way join the growing movement of like-minded people that plan to achieve financial freedom through ADZcoin…

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