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Top 10 Reasons Why ADZcoin is Bound to Skyrocket in Value

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What is ADZcoin?

ADZcoin is a digital currency also known as crypto-currency. One of the most renowned crypto-currency to date and the first of it’s kind is Bitcoin. All the other crypto-currencies that have come after Bitcoin are referred to as alternative coins.

ADZcoin is a Bitcoin alternative.

Like most crypto-currencies the idea behind them is to be a medium of exchange that is decentralized with no governing body in charge of transactions. Merchants are able to accept crypto-currency coins in exchange for products or services that they provide. Crypto-currency also gives the user anonymity as the parties involved in the transaction cannot be traced, unlike the usage of fiat currencies.

ADZcoin has the same features whereby it can be used as a medium of exchange accepted by merchants, it offers privacy to the users involved, and it is decentralized independent of banks and any other governing body. ADZcoin can also be exchanged for fiat currency such as dollars or pounds.

To learn more about Bitcoin you can read more here.

What Gives Crypto-currency Value?

Man buys $27 of bitcoin, forgets about them, finds they're now worth $886k _ Technology _ The Guardian - Google Chrome 2017-04-06 15.31.29

That was the first article I read in a mainstream newspaper back in 2013 which introduced me to Bitcoin and I was gobsmacked!

I literally did not believe it.

I had no idea what Bitcoin was at the time, how it worked, or what even gave it value. But I was in complete awe how it was once worth cents to then be worth hundreds of dollars a few years later, creating millionaires in the process.

If you are interested in reading a time-line of the Bitcoin price history and how it grew over the years then click here.

But to explain what gives crypto-currency value in a nutshell is the law of supply and demand. A lot of crypto-currencies not all, differ from fiat currencies because they have a limited supply. For example in the case of Bitcoin it will have a total limited supply of 21 million coins to ever exist in circulation.

Now the demand for Bitcoin is basically based on the amount of people that want the coin. As the demand for Bitcoin grows so does it’s price, as the supply of the coin is limited. This is what has given Bitcoin it’s value from once being valued at cents to being worth over a $1,000, and expected to be worth tens of thousands of dollars in the future.

At the moment I believe there are around 10 million or so Bitcoin users. Now imagine that figure doubles or triples – there would be more people wanting or demanding Bitcoin than there is enough for each of them to hold a whole Bitcoin each. And this would make Bitcoin skyrocket even more in value.

Thus, this is the basic principle behind what gives crypto-currency value; supply and demand. And it is the same rule for ADZcoin. The hardest part for any new crypto-currency is creating that demand for the coin to have success and gain value on the open market. It is the part that takes the most time; maybe even a few years to develop the coin to become more mainstream. However, it can be very rewarding and life-changing for people that have purchased a coin at cents and held onto it, until it takes off when it happens.

Presentation1 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2017-05-10 12.23.26

Top 10 Reasons Why The System Behind ADZcoin is Bound to Give it Value in the Long Run


1 – An Attractive Concept

The concept behind ADZcoin and it’s purpose is really designed to help many people earn money online. There is a sense of community behind this coin and a growing movement of like-minded people that want to achieve financial freedom through it. The community consists of publishers, affiliate marketers, people that enjoy discovering good content and investors.

For the most part it is designed to benefit publishers who produce valuable content online that people enjoy reading, by helping them further monetize their website traffic all for free, as well as helping them gain more exposure and traffic to their site.

It will also benefit affiliate marketers who care about the company and the project and promote it’s products and services to others, by giving them a recurring passive income stream from their referrals who are tied to their account for life.

It is also designed to help regular web users who enjoy socializing, discovering and engaging with new content on the ADZbuzz social media platform with daily rewards too.

Thus, the coin has a generous concept of helping to reward the people that are part of the ADZbuzz community and helping it grow into an amazing content discovery social media platform!

The attractive concept behind ADZcoin would make more people interested in earning the coin and joining the community, as a result increasing the user base and even demand for the coin.

2 – Risk Free Earning Opportunity

ADZcoin is set up in a way whereby people can easily earn it for free without risking any money. A risk-free earning opportunity would attract more people to the project who may have never earned or owned crypto-currency before for whatever reason, but would like to.

This would help attract more people to the platform, who can benefit from the company’s products and services that it has on offer.

And the more people that join the community, earn ADZcoin risk-free, and learn about it’s potential – the more they would want to own ADZcoin by either trying to earn more or by investing in the coin while it is still extremely undervalued in price.

This is a great way to grow the ADZcoin community and get people interested in ADZcoin and crypto-currency by giving everyone the opportunity to earn it for free through the content discovery social media platform ADZbuzz.

To learn how you can earn ADZcoin 100% risk free then click here.

3 – Huge Growing Community Potential With ADZbuzz

ADZbuzz is the heart of the project. It is a content discovery social media platform. It is designed in a way to help give publishers and bloggers more exposure to their content and traffic to their site. It is also a place where people can discover new content; follow their favourite publishers content all from one timeline, and engage with like-minded people who have similar interests to you.

You can meet new people on ADZbuzz, socialize with friends and family and also earn daily rewards too in ADZcoin.

It is unique and innovative in set up and more rewarding than any other social media platform out there in terms of financial benefit. ADZbuzz has the potential to have a huge growing community of people in the hundreds of millions and be up there with the big boys in the social media world with its viral set up.

ADZbuzz is a powerful platform for ADZcoin’s growth in value. The amount of people that join ADZbuzz can constantly grow, whereas the supply of ADZcoin is limited. The ADZbuzz community can be measured as the demand for the coin, and with the way the platform is set up there could easily be in the not too far future more ADZcoin holders than Bitcoin holders. It is much easier for a social media platform to grow and go mainstream – introducing many people to the world of crypto-currency for the very first time by joining ADZbuzz.

The maximum supply of ADZcoin to ever exist would be 84 million coins. ADZbuzz can easily have a user base in time with over a hundred million users. That means there would be not enough ADZcoin for each ADZbuzz user to have one whole coin each. Today there are already users with thousands of ADZcoin’s stored. Just think of the value of those coins as ADZbuzz grows and the demand for ADZcoin from the community increases as more people want to own it.

The price is bound to sky-rocket beyond cents!

To join ADZbuzz click here.

4 – Viral Branding with the ADZlink

You can learn more about the ADZlink here and how it is designed to give publishers and bloggers more traffic to their content and website, by giving it more exposure on ADZbuzz. And on top of that it would give them an extra monitization stream to add to their site too.

The best features about the ADZlink are the following:

It is a free tool for publishers to add to their blog

It will not annoy their web visitors or track them

It is not affected by ad-blockers and will still earn you revenue from ad-block using web visitors to your site

It allows you to have your very own ADZbuzz community linked to your website on ADZbuzz and only your content is posted within your community, which would give you even more traffic and earnings as a result of your community growing.

It is non-intrusive and not annoying like adding ads to your site. It is just a small little branding icon for ADZbuzz that can be added to the corner of your website. So it is perfect for bloggers that want to earn without actually adding ads to their website.

The ADZlink is linked to the publishers ADZbuzz affiliate link, so if web visitors join ADZbuzz by clicking on the ADZlink on your website they would become your referrals and tied to your ADZbuzz account for life; whereby they can generate you recurring passive affiliate commissions too!

The ADZlink will help ADZbuzz go viral as more and more publishers are introduced to it and use it. And more and more publishers are doing so already, as the concept behind it is really beneficial for them, and is designed to give them what they need and want as publishers.

And the growth of ADZbuzz through viral branding would help introduce more people to ADZcoin and it’s concept, thus boosting the demand for the coin as a result.

5 – Lucrative Global Affiliate Program

ADZbuzz has a lucrative global affiliate program. Affiliate marketers or anyone online that wants to make a recurring passive income stream, or even achieve financial freedom through ADZcoin should promote the project – once they learn more about it’s potential.

ADZbuzz will payout in both ADZcoin and fiat currency through PayPal to every affiliate who cares about the project by promoting it.

What makes the ADZbuzz affiliate program so lucrative is that all you have to do is simply promote your ADZbuzz referral links and invite people to join the social media platform ADZbuzz, which would also benefit them. And as a result your referrals will also become your referrals for all of the other platforms the ADZbuzz company is rolling out. So every time your referrals uses any of their services, products, or is active on the ADZbuzz platform that will generate you a passive income stream for life.

The following is a list of platforms and/or features that ADZbuzz Ltd. has (there could even be more in the future too) an affiliate program for:

  •  Tifostarter
  • ADZbuzz ADZlink
  • ADZbuzz Savers
  • ADZbuzz Web Wallet
  • ADZbuzz Products Market
  • ADZbuzz Services Market
  • ADZbuzzPay
  • ADZbuzz Training Center
  • ADZbuzz Crowdfunding
  • ADZbuzz Freelancers
  • ADZbuzz Website Marketplace
  • ADZbuzz Hosting and Domains
  • ADZbuzz Theme Market
  • ADZbuzz Script Market
  • ADZbuzz Rewards
  • ADZbuzz Exchange
  • ADZbuzz Exclusive Deals

By promoting ADZbuzz it will also be your referral for all of the above platforms, and any of the products and services listed above that your referrals use will also earn you commission either through your PayPal account or your ADZbuzz account via ADZcoin.

This system is what makes ADZbuzz a lucrative easy affiliate program to promote, and would also be a factor in ADZbuzz going viral, as more and more affiliates get on board and start promoting the platform to build their own online business.

6 – Designed to Easily go Mainstream

Going mainstream is very important for any crypto-currency to gain demand and become successful, and it is one of the most difficult challenges that crypto-currency projects’ face. Most developments behind crypto-currency projects’ is to make it easier for their coin to be used, and to build an ecosystem for the coin that is connected to the real world in order to give it underlying value. Because this would help the coin go more mainstream with purpose, and would give it more demand and value.

Achieving this can take time (i.e. years), and during this stage the price of the coin is usually low until everything is ready for it to start kicking off! Gaining momentum and increasing in value. This is why it is not unusual to see coins priced at cents and then all of a sudden surge in value to tens of dollars all within a few months, despite the coin being at cents for a few years even.

Usually the people that benefit at that stage are the people that have been following the coin and its progress throughout the development duration period; buying the coin and holding it long-term; waiting patiently for it to one day take off.

In the case of ADZcoin it is at that stage now. Really low in value, but developing and building to make the coin go more mainstream. ADZcoin with the way it is set up can easily go more mainstream than majority of the crypto-currencies out there, as it has made it very easy for people who are new to crypto-currency to earn it through ADZbuzz. Everybody online nowadays are familiar with social media platforms and ADZbuzz is like another social media platform, but is more lucrative for the users than Facebook for instance with the financial benefits.

Many people do not know how to buy Bitcoin, store it, sell it, or even use it. They may want to get involved with it but it is all over their head and too confusing. However most people online have a social media account and are familiar with them. ADZbuzz will make it very easy for people to earn and own ADZcoin through social media that nearly everyone online is familiar with. And the community on ADZbuzz is amazing with a lot of people who can help; thus ADZbuzz is a perfect platform to help ADZcoin go more mainstream.

If you know how to use social media than you can start earning your very first crypto-currency called ADZcoin on ADZbuzz risk free. It is that simple! And while earning it you can learn more about the coin and crypto-currency in general from the community. And be introduced to a new world of opportunity where wealth is created and a lot of millionaires in the process too!

7 – Company Guaranteed Demand

Another innovative feature about ADZbuzz is that the company will be selling their products and services on all their platforms in fiat currency, by allowing people to pay via PayPal and ADZcoin too.

The company will use the revenue they generate after paying off all expenses such as staff and affiliates etc. to buy ADZcoin off of the open market. This means that ADZcoin will have guaranteed demand from the ADZbuzz company itself.

So if the ADZbuzz company earns millions of dollars monthly as net profit that would be used to purchase ADZcoin off of the open market, giving it more demand and value. This is a superb system, as most coins gain demand only from investors or people buying into the coin to hold or use. ADZcoin will also have the same demand as other crypto-currencies, but alongside that a company that is dedicated to buying the coins as well too.

As the ADZbuzz company grows, which is the aim of the company – so would the demand for ADZcoin increase as a result!

The company would use the coins that they purchase off of the open market for the following:

50% would be distributed to the community that are eligible to earn ADZcoins

50% would be sent to the Indirect Donation wallet address (explained in point 9)

8 – Customers Indirectly Boost the Price of ADZcoin

Another great system with the way ADZcoin is set up is that customers who have no idea what ADZcoin is, or even Bitcoin for that matter, will be indirectly boosting the price of ADZcoin each time they use any of the company’s online businesses and make payments via PayPal.

There could be thousands of people who use the company’s services and do not own ADZcoin, but they would be helping to boost the price of ADZcoin unknowingly; benefiting the people who do own it as a result.

This is because the revenue that is generated from these customers, as explained above would be used to purchase ADZcoin off of the open market; giving ADZcoin more value and demand.

Most other crypto-currencies require people to first buy the coin on the open market to be able to use their services using the coin. This set-up makes it difficult for their coin to go mainstream, as the masses are not familiar with how to go about buying crypto-currency and using it. However, nearly everyone online that has made a purchase has a PayPal account, which they know how to use. And they can use their PayPal account to purchase the products/services from the ADZbuzz company, and the company instead would use that revenue to purchase ADZcoin from the open market.

This means more sales would be made as a result of accepting fiat currency, and the price of ADZcoin can rise faster than if the company was to only accept ADZcoin as a payment option only.

9 – Deflationary Supply

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-23 12.17.46

As already mentioned ADZcoin will have a limited maximum supply of 84 million coins to ever exist in circulation. At the moment there are around 54.5 million coins in circulation and the rest still have yet to be mined into existence.

Remember above I mentioned that 50% of the coins that the company buys off of the open market would be sent to an Indirect Donation wallet address. That is basically an address, whereby the coins that are sent there would be loss forever and unusable. Any coins that are sent to that address are basically burnt and no longer within circulation.

At the moment in the picture above 31k ADZcoins have been sent to the Indirect Donation wallet address. And in the long run as the company grows; more and more coins would be sent their daily, thus reducing the supply of ADZcoin within circulation.

Unlimited Demand + Shrinking Supply = Constant Growth in Value

This feature is unique to ADZcoin and would act as a catalyst to help ADZcoin gain value much quicker and faster. The reason being is the demand for ADZcoin through the promotions, viral branding, innovative set up of ADZbuzz, and the growth of the company will only get higher and higher as time goes by. More and more people would want to buy the coin. But at the same time the supply of the coin would get lower and lower via the Indirect Donation system. So when a commodity is in high demand but has a shrinking supply – what do you think happens to the price?! Exactly!

There could be a time where the supply of ADZcoin is 30 million and shrinking but the ADZbuzz community is a few hundred million and growing. And the price of an ADZcoin could be worth well over a $1000 easily! It is not far-fetched in the world of crypto-currency whatsoever; and is very possible.

Usually what happens on the open market when people sell their crypto-currency is that the price falls, until the demand picks up again to push the price back up. In the case of ADZcoin when people sell their coins on the open market they would only be causing the supply of the coin to shrink. In the long run sellers of ADZcoin are indirectly donating value to people that are holding their ADZcoin’s instead. As the dollar value of the lost coins would be transferred to the coins that exists within circulation – meaning those that are still holding their coins would see the value of each coin being worth more!

This is an ingenious system that no other crypto-currency project out there has implemented but ADZcoin already has. And it would play a major role in the long-run in giving ADZcoin tremendous value beyond belief, as the company continues to grow!

10 – More Attractive to Long-term Investors

When you invest into crypto-currency or anything for that matter there is always risk. There is no guarantee that your investment is going to take off – nobody knows how the market is going to play out or how the business you invest in is going to perform.

As investors we are risk takers and that is a fact. We do our due diligence and jump in and take the risk. We ride it through and look forward to our potential reward; which is basically the huge ROI! We would rather be in the playing field and have a 50/50 chance of winning than not take that risk and be a 100% loser.

Investing in crypto-currency can be extremely lucrative, as you saw from the Bitcoin investor who spent $27 worth of Bitcoin to find that investment worth nearly $1 million a few years later. Even though Bitcoin has been the most successful crypto-currency to date – it is not the only crypto-currency to have gain value from cents to dollars creating wealthy people in the process. Some crypto-currencies have even created wealthy people by being worth less than cents to then jump into cents giving investors huge returns on their investment.

The world of crypto-currency is where there is opportunity for money to be made. However, the market is saturated with coins left, right and center. And it is a volatile market with many coins not going anywhere. So there is definitely risk involved and nothing is guaranteed.

In the case of ADZcoin even though people can earn them 100% risk free. And people can earn enough at this stage that if they are willing to hold it long enough, until it reaches triple digits in value they can have a success story of their own; without having spent a penny. However, for people that want to own large amounts of ADZcoin at the very moment the only way is to buy them off of the open market through exchanges. The free way is slower and takes more time to earn and build up your ADZcoin, whereas you can easily buy 10k ADZcoins and own them straight away as an investor.

Investing in ADZcoin is more attractive because of the way it is set up to go viral and have demand even from the company itself. Nearly most of the crypto-currencies out there do not even have 50% of the system in place that ADZcoin does to give the coin demand, even the ones that have managed to gain nice value in price. So ADZcoin has huge potential when putting everything into consideration; and looking at the bigger picture how all the systems will work together to push the price of the coin upwards and on wards.

The risk however is in whether the company grows or not. The company is only focused on growing and generating revenue streams and being successful; but to lay it all down on the table – nothing is guaranteed. The worst case scenario it fails to grow and the coin fails as a result, or it takes off and the coin grows in value tremendously as a result.

Those are the two options. The same two options that exists with any investment out there – success or failure.

However, I see nothing but huge potential ahead – and I would rather risk my money and stand to gain or lose than be afraid to take a jump, and regret it for the rest of my life if it takes off and I missed it. The regret would hurt much more than losing a bit of fiat currency!

At this stage the price of ADZcoin is still very cheap. People can invest $100 or less and and get a few thousand ADZcoins. If each coin reaches $100 in value, you can do the math as to how much you have earned. But it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a long-term investment and real business that requires patience to reap the huge rewards.

Crypto-currency investors should easily be able to already see the potential in ADZcoin and understand how the set up will benefit their investment in the long-run – if they are willing to hold it long-term.

It all just depends on are you willing to take the risk for a huge potential life-changing reward?

Personally, I see it is as a complete no brainer! And so does the growing ADZbuzz community too!

And if you have no clue how to buy ADZcoins then you need not worry as ADZbuzz has a done for you offer where they would buy the coins for you on your behalf, and it would be stored safely in your ADZbuzz account.

So there really is no excuse now to miss this millionaire making opportunity!

How Can You Earn ADZcoin Risk FREE?

Free Money 2

ADZcoin can easily be earned for free in a number of ways:

1 – Regular Web User/Affiliate Marketer:

If you enjoy discovering new content and would like to be a part of a growing movement of like-minded people who are working toward achieving financial freedom then join the content discovery social media platform ADZbuzz here.

After you create your account and confirm your email. Re-sign into your account and you may be prompted to create a new stronger password again using a minimum of 8 digits, letters, numbers and a special character.

Once you have done that you can read this post to learn how to earn from ADZbuzz.

An affiliate marketer can earn in the same way and can also earn by promoting the platform to others and gaining referrals.

2 – Publisher/Blogger:

If you are a publisher and you have your own blog with your own domain name then you can earn from ADZbuzz by adding the ADZlink to your site.

The ADZlink is a free publisher tool WordPress plugin or Script code designed to benefit bloggers by:

  • Giving them an extra passive monitization option to their blog similar to ad revenue but without tracking or annoying your visitors in the process

You can learn more about the ADZlink and how to gain access to it by clicking here.

If you have any questions or need any help then contact us.


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