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How Can Bloggers Have Their Own ADZbuzz Community and Gain Traffic to their Content?



What is an ADZbuzz Community?

The ADZbuzz Community is one of the unique features of the novel content discovery social media platform ADZbuzz. The idea behind the ADZbuzz Communities is to give publishers that install the free ADZlink plugin to their website an extra traffic source to their content.

An ADZbuzz Community is a group that is linked to the publishers website. And only content from the publishers website can be posted within their community. So each post within their community would re-direct back to the publishers website.

Having your very own ADZbuzz Community is a great place for people to discover your content, engage with your content and even stay updated and follow your every post once they have joined your community within ADZbuzz.

As a publisher if you are just starting out or simply want to grow or get your content out there in front of more eyes, giving it more exposure, then an ADZbuzz Community is a complete no-brainer! As your community grows, which it would as everybody is looking for great content to discover and engage with on ADZbuzz! This would be a huge traffic source of like-minded people easily following your posts, as it is shared within your community!

Imagine an ADZbuzz Community of thousands of members that follow your content every time you share an article! It would be a powerful traffic source that is for sure!

 Benefits of Having Your Own ADZbuzz Community as a Publisher

Having an ADZbuzz Community linked to your website is an extra benefit of installing the free ADZlink plugin to your website.

The ADZlink plugin is a free invite-only publisher tool that is designed to benefit publishers by giving them:

  • An additional monitization option to their site that works in a similar fashion to ad-revenue but does not annoy or track your website visitors
  • An extra traffic source via the ADZbuzz Community features

An example of a blog that has the plugin installed is below:

I Am Job Free - Financial. Freedom. Forever. - Google Chrome 2017-04-04 15.53.19

Adding that non-intrusive ADZbuzz branding icon would benefit you as a publisher and enable you to have your own ADZbuzz Community.

Every time the IAmJobFree blog releases a post it can be shared within their ADZbuzz Community via the ADZnouncer for the members to read.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-11 11.22.43

This blog has so far posted 7 posts via the ADZnouncer within their community which has 32 members so far (image above).

It is not allowed for the publisher to also be the moderator/admin of their own community. They will be able to freely share their content from their website within the community and benefit from its growth. However, the publisher is not allowed to also be the moderator of their own community. The role of the moderator would be to remove any spam posted within the comments to ensure the community is kept clean as the publisher focuses on producing and sharing their valuable content. And the moderator role would be given to an ADZbuzz member other than the publisher.

Once a blogger that has added the ADZlink to their site shares their posts via the ADZnouncer it would automatically then be displayed within two timelines on ADZbuzz:

Stream timeline:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-11 14.20.49

This is the main homepage of ADZbuzz. The Stream timeline displays all the latest posts that have been shared from publishers/bloggers that have already added the ADZlink to their site.

The amount of traffic that these publishers will receive to their content and followers to their community from their posts being displayed on the front page of ADZbuzz will be staggering as the platform continues to grow in the future.

It would definitely give you more exposure and allow more people to discover your content and join your ADZbuzz Community so they would never miss a post from you again!

Communities timeline:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-11 13.33.32

The communities timeline would display all the posts from communities that members have joined based on their interests and favourite publishers. It is the perfect location for people to follow all of their favourite bloggers and content on one timeline, and to easily stay updated by joining communities linked to their favourite bloggers.

Within the communities timeline, ADZbuzz members will be able to vote on the posts as to whether they like the quality of the content or not (One of the metrics that will determine how much a publisher with the ADZlink added earns), as well as comment and engage with the content posted. And this is one way ADZbuzz members can earn for free on ADZbuzz too!

Both of these timelines would give the blogger more exposure and traffic to their content all the time, as their community grows so would their traffic as well. And remember the ADZlink monetizes all your blog traffic, so the more traffic you gain from your community it would boost your daily earnings too!

If you are a new blogger starting out and your producing valuable content but have no traffic or social media presence and not really earning, then the ADZlink is perfect for you! It would enable you to build a community and start earning daily while you focus on doing what you do best; producing valuable content!

And if you are already a more established blogger then the ADZlink would add an extra passive income stream to your site and give you more traffic too! Plus if you invite your following to join your community under your ADZbuzz affiliate link then you could earn recurring daily residual income through affiliate commission! And all your referrals would be tied to your account for life! So that is extra revenue alongside the ADZlink too!

Who turns down free passive income? Nobody, right!

This Sounds Awesome! But I Need Help Creating A Community And Getting Started

help and support

And that is exactly what we are here for!

To give you all the support and help you need getting this all set up on your blog. And creating your own community, and getting you up and ready to start benefiting from the ADZlink and its features. Plus answer any questions you may have and showing you how you can really make the most out of this free lucrative tool!

So if you are interested in having your very own community then just follow these simple steps:

Step One – Create a FREE ADZbuzz account by clicking HERE

Step Two – Learn how to add the ADZlink to your blog by clicking Here

Step Three – Message us with your blog link that you have added or want to add the ADZlink to by clicking Here

There are requirements in order to be eligible to add the ADZlink to your blog:

You must have your own domain name and not be using a free blogging platform (like this one here) that limits installations of third party plugins or prevents coding from being added.

If you have any questions then connect with us on social media and contact us!

We are here to help 🙂


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