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How to Make Money on Content Discovery Social Media Platform ADZbuzz?

How to Earn Daily on ADZbuzz For Free?

The content discovery social media platform ADZbuzz is unique and innovative in concept, as well as the various ways the community can earn from the platform too.

To summarize there are 5 ways an individual can earn from the ADZbuzz social media platform without spending a penny!

ADZbuzz Revenue Distribution Chart

The ADZbuzz revenue distribution is distributed to the following members all for free:

Publisher Pool – Site owners who add the ADZlink to their site

Publisher Referral Pool – Members who referred publishers to the ADZlink

Community Owners Pool – Members who own and moderate an ADZbuzz Community linked to a publishers’ website

Community Members Pool – Logging into ADZbuzz daily would qualify you for this reward.

Sponsors Pool – Members who have referred other ADZbuzz members that have qualified for daily rewards etc.

It is possible for an ADZbuzz user to earn from more than one pool so long as they qualify for it.

The easiest way to earn as a new user joining ADZbuzz is via the Communities Members Pool.

Watch the video below as it explains all the ways you can earn on ADZbuzz!

My Results After One Week

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-06 19.24.52

In the last 24 hours I earned $3.89 dollars worth of ADZcoin.

The last 9 days I have earned in total $34.61 worth of ADZcoin.

And if you are wondering what the hell is ADZcoin? Thinking you want dollars instead, well think again!

Because the potential value of ADZcoin in 5 years based on the growth rate of Bitcoin could give my earnings so far an estimated worth of $1.6 million – when the value per ADZcoin becomes $828.95!

Even if it was just to reach a quarter of that value I am not complaining 🙂

However with the way ADZcoin is set up it is not far-fetched to one day see 1 ADZ being worth $1000+ at all. The system behind ADZcoin is designed to sky-rocket the price of ADZ in time as the company grows.

And unlike fiat currency such as the dollar which has an inflationary supply, thus it suffers from devaluation with time. ADZcoin on the other hand will have a deflationary supply (i.e. shrinking) alongside growing demand; this phenomenon inevitably results in growing value for ADZ.

The simple laws of supply and demand.

So now would you really want to sell your ADZcoin so cheap for dollars? Or save them until they become scarce with high demand and huge value?

That being said it is entirely up to you what you do with your earnings. The company releases payment every 30 days which you can either store, use or withdraw them into fiat currency as you wish.


ADZcoin one day going up in value is nothing surprising in the world of crypto-currencies.

Bitcoin created millionaires and so have many others too.

It is all about taking advantage of the right coin at the right time! And now is the right time with ADZcoin!

Man buys $27 of bitcoin, forgets about them, finds they're now worth $886k _ Technology _ The Guardian - Google Chrome 2017-04-06 15.31.29

And ADZcoin has a set up designed to give it value and make it go viral. Something that Bitcoin did not and does not have but still became successful.

And lastly, what do you have to lose?

This is 100% risk free earnings. You do not need to spend a penny to start accumulating ADZcoins which you can sell or smartly save to achieve financial freedom.

In fact, the ADZbuzz community and movement is so awesome as we are all like-minded people who hope to achieve financial freedom from this amazing opportunity and are working together to make it happen!

If you do not know anything about crypto-currency but want to get involved without risking anything then this opportunity is absolutely perfect for you too. You will learn from all the information and resources within ADZbuzz, and earn at the same time whilst having a lot of fun engaging with content and networking with people.

To join the ADZbuzz community and start your own journey to financial freedom simply create your free account by clicking here.

You would receive all the support and help you need to really make the most out of this unique opportunity.

Let’s achieve financial freedom together 🙂

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