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ADZbuzz ADZlink A FREE Publisher Tool Designed to Benefit Every Blogger With Traffic and Extra Income


Why Should Publishers Add the ADZlink to their Website?

The ADZlink is a free invite-only traffic monetization tool designed by ADZbuzz Ltd. to help publishers gain more exposure to their blog and earn an extra passive revenue stream, similar to the conventional ad revenue system that is mostly used by publishers to generate income. Unlike ad-revenue, the ADZlink is designed to reward publishers without annoying their visitors.

The ADZlink is really easy to install and once installed like any other WordPress plugin or the coding added to your blog (copy and paste) the process is done. And there is simply no more work or effort on your part as a publisher. All you would need to do is continue to do what you do best; and that is produce valuable content and the ADZlink would help give that content more exposure and give your site another monitization option for you to earn from.

The ADZlink is a tool designed to benefit publishers once installed in a complete passive manner, without requiring the publisher to do anything else but set it up which can be done in 5 minutes really!

The concept behind the ADZlink is to help publishers by giving them a free traffic source and an extra passive monetization option to add to their websites. Publishers that simply receive an invite would be able to take advantage of this free tool and all of its benefits.

The ADZlink is a non-intrusive plugin that can be added to publishers’ websites upon invite and does not track web visitors; unlike the common ads used on websites nowadays for revenue. The ADZlink gives publishers an extra monetization option to add to their website and also gives them a free traffic source to their content.

Watch the short video below that describes how the ADZlink works in a nutshell.

Benefits of Publishers Adding the ADZbuzz ADZlink to their Website

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Publishers have already started adding the ADZlink to their sites as you can see above. This is merely just the beginning. Soon by default publishers will add the ADZlink to their site just like they add advertisements, affiliate links etc.

If you are wondering why haven’t you heard about the ADZlink until now, the reason is because it is still very new and only the first version so far has recently been released.

The version at the moment allows publishers to earn, promote their content and drive more traffic to their site from the ADZbuzz social media platform via using the integrated ADZnouncer, and to also be able to have an ADZbuzz community linked to your website on ADZbuzz.

Here are the following benefits overall to publishers that add the ADZlink to their site:

  • Revenue distribution system: Allows publishers to earn a free passive income from all the traffic to their website including from ad-block users. This system can work alongside other monetization systems too.
  • ADZnouncer: Allows publishers to promote their high quality content for free on the ADZbuzz social media platform’s front page giving them more traffic
  • ADZbuzz Community: Allows a community to be created on ADZbuzz for the publishers’ website. The ADZbuzz communities are places where everyone can follow their favourite publishers content and posts. Being able to have your very own ADZbuzz community linked to your website would give you more exposure, traffic and a lot of engagement surrounding your content as your community grows. Also publishers will earn 50% of any revenue generated from their ADZbuzz community.
  • Donation feature: The ADZlink will have a donation feature for web users to support their favourite publishers with ease.
  • Affiliate Link: The ADZlink would be linked to the publishers’ ADZbuzz referral link which has a free lucrative affiliate program attached to it. So any web user that clicks on the ADZlink from your website (see image below), and joins ADZbuzz would be your referral for life. They can then potentially earn you a recurring passive income stream from ADZbuzz too.


When a website visitor clicks on the ADZlink on your website the above window pops up. It shows the video explaining what the ADZlink is all about so they understand how it benefits their favourite publishers. And then a step to join ADZbuzz whereby they would become your referral. The second step re-directs them to ADZbuzz Savers – the comparison shopping portal that helps people save money when shopping online – the revenue generated from it would also be shared with publishers who add the ADZlink. ADZbuzz Savers is just one of many revenue sources that would be used to pay publishers who add the ADZlink to their site.

So the ADZlink is a free tool for publishers to add an extra passive income stream to their site; and on top of this it comes with a lot of benefits and incentives to help drive even more traffic to publishers’ high quality content all for free.

If you are a blogger and like what you have heard so far about the ADZlink and its concept to help publishers, and would like to have an invitation code to use the ADZlink then please read the next section below.

Getting started now gives you more advantage by growing your ADZbuzz community, gaining ADZbuzz referrals early, receiving more traffic to your site and earnings; before the ADZlink really goes mainstream.

How to Add the ADZlink to Your Website?

Adding the ADZlink to your website is very easy and can be done within moments. However if you are using the free blogging platform then you won’t be able to add it to your site (hence why it is not on this site), due to the limitations. To use the ADZlink you should have your own domain name and be using a blogging platform that either enables you to add direct coding or a WordPress blog that enables you to add third party plugins.

Step One:

Create an ADZbuzz account 

Step Two:

Confirm your email address and then login to your ADZbuzz account.

Step Three:

On the Homepage place your mouse cursor over your profile picture and then click on ‘settings.’

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-05-22 18.29.32

Step Four:

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-05-22 18.30.34

Click on the ‘Publisher’ tab.

Under the ‘Publisher’ tab scroll down until you reach the ‘ADZlink’ heading.

If you need an invitation key to access the publisher tools then use this key here:


Step Five:

There are two ways you can add the ADZlink either adding the code or installing the ADZlink WordPress Plugin and activating it on your site if it is powered by WordPress (the easier option).

Using a WordPress Blog:

1) If your blog is powered by WordPress then it is very easy to install the ADZlink plugin onto your website. Simply click on the link to download the plugin onto your computer.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-11 19.29.19

2) Unzip the file and upload the ‘adzlink‘ folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory

3) Activate the plugin in the ‘Plugins’ menu on WordPress

ADZbuzz Review – A Content Discovery Platform That Will Change The Social Media World - Google Chrome 2017-04-11 18.42.06

4) Go to settings and click on ADZlink

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-11 18.45.45.png

5) To find your publisher key go back to your ADZbuzz account under the ‘publisher’ tab scroll down to ‘ADZlink’ and select your template (i.e. where you would like the ADZlink positioned on your site) then click on ‘get code’

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-11 19.01.15

6) Copy your Publisher Key and Template ID from your ADZbuzz account and paste it into the plugins WordPress settings page and then click save

ADZbuzz Review – A Content Discovery Platform That Will Change The Social Media World - Google Chrome 2017-04-11 18.58.47

And that’s it!

Once your ‘Publisher key’ and ‘Template ID’ is set up and saved the ADZlink will now be visible on your site.

You will now have an extra passive monitization stream on your site and be able to benefit from the ADZbuzz Communities too!

It is really that simple and 100% free!

If you are a publisher, and would like another passive income stream and more traffic then adding the ADZlink to your website is a complete no brainer, right?

Using the code:

To add the ADZlink using the code you would need to have access to the source code of your site and then follow the two steps as outlined when clicking on the ‘get code’ button on ADZbuzz after selecting your template.

You would need to copy and paste the coding into your website source code following the two step instructions.

Once that is done you have added the ADZlink to your website and are eligible to earn and benefit from it as explained. The next step is to quickly set up your ADZbuzz community.

Creating an ADZbuzz Community

Once you have added the ADZlink to your site successfully you will automatically have your own ADZbuzz community linked to your blog.

This means that only posts from your blog is posted in there and people can join your community and easily stay updated with your content and latest posts from ADZbuzz. It is a really cool feature to give bloggers more traffic to their site and to give their content even more exposure across the ADZbuzz platform. By using the ADZnouncer feature in your blog back-end you would be able to share your posts on ADZbuzz and within your community.

As the publisher you cannot be the admin of your own community, so at this stage you can go to ADZbuzz and set a community admin for your community. The role of the community admin is to moderate the community from any spam and help you grow your community too on ADZbuzz.

You can select us to be your community admin as we work together with you to set it up, and grow your community for you whilst you focus on just producing quality content on your blog.

In order to set us as your community admin please follow the instructions below:

Step One –  Login to your ADZbuzz account that you have created.

Step Two – Click here to find your site on the list.

Step Three – When you find your domain name on the right under the ‘Action’ category would be a button that says ‘Add Manager.’ Click on it.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-18 15.03.38

Step Four –  Type in ‘Miles’ and add us as your manager as seen below by clicking on our profile picture.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-18 15.04.53

Once that is done you have set up your ADZbuzz community and we can work together to build it. You focus on the content, and we will focus on moderating and growing your community on ADZbuzz.

How do Publishers Earn From the ADZlink?

The ADZlink has an extensive system that will determine the earning of publishers each day based on various metrics. All earnings are paid directly into the publishers ADZbuzz account and is held for 30 days, before being released into your ADZbuzz ADZcoin web wallet. You can either store them (highly recommended), use them to make a purchase on ADZbuzz or from any merchant that accepts ADZcoin or withdraw them into fiat currency.

ADZcoin is a crypto-currency, just like Bitcoin which has gained value from cents to over a $1000. It’s concept is all about helping publishers make an extra income stream.

Man buys $27 of bitcoin, forgets about them, finds they're now worth $886k _ Technology _ The Guardian - Google Chrome 2017-04-06 15.31.29

If you are thinking, why the heck would I want ADZcoin though? Then watch this short video below:

The simple answer is because it is going to gain huge value while the dollar or any other fiat currency only continues to lose value. ADZcoin has the potential to grow tremendously with a lot of demand, but at the same time it has a limited shrinking supply. And it can be a very popular mainstream crypto-currency earned by hundreds of thousands of publishers all across the globe.

If you are familiar with crypto-currency you would already understand the potential it has to gain value. However, if you are totally new to crypto-currency now is your chance to learn about it and earn one of the best crypto-currency coins out there 100% risk free – a coin that is designed to help you as publishers.

This is an opportunity to earn a lot of ADZcoin which can be cashed out into a lot of money eventually.

Because ADZcoin has a system that more or less guarantees the coin will gain tremendous value in the long run. So earning free ADZcoin passively by adding the ADZlink to your website is basically paying you in a commodity that would appreciate in value over time, which is so much better than earning dollars that depreciates in value by the day.

The following are a list of platforms and services that the ADZbuzz Ltd. company will generate income from in order to pay publishers their earnings:

  •  Tifostarter
  • ADZbuzz Savers
  • ADZbuzz Web Wallet
  • ADZbuzz Products Market
  • ADZbuzz Services Market
  • ADZbuzzPay
  • ADZbuzz Training Center
  • ADZbuzz Crowdfunding
  • ADZbuzz Freelancers
  • ADZbuzz Website Marketplace
  • ADZbuzz Hosting and Domains
  • ADZbuzz Theme Market
  • ADZbuzz Script Market
  • ADZbuzz Exchange
  • ADZbuzz Exclusive Deals

Note: Not all of the above platforms and services are completed and ready. Some of them are still in development but will be used to generate income and pay publishers once ready and running.

Where Can You Find Your ADZbuzz Earnings?

Once you added the ADZlink to your website give it at least 24 hours before you start receiving earnings in your ADZbuzz account.

You can find your daily earnings once you have logged into your ADZbuzz account in the header section (see image below).

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-05-13 15.16.20

The top figure is the total amount you have earned to date estimated in dollars, and the bottom figure is the projected value of your earnings in a few years time if you have not sold any of your ADZcoin.

If you click on your earnings it would re-direct you to your earnings dashboard back-end.

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-05-13 15.23.35

In the Earnings menu you can click on:

Transactions – to see a detailed list of your earnings and where they came from. Remember all your earnings would be pending for 30 days before they are released for you to withdraw.

Withdraw – this is where you can withdraw your ADZcoins once they are released or you can leave them stored in your ADZbuzz account if you don’t plan to sell them or use them.

Statistics – this is where you can see the amount of ADZcoins you have actually earned. This is the most important as you would want to see this increase. The estimated dollar value that you see in the header or earnings dashboard would fluctuate based on the price of ADZcoin on the open market, and the amount of ADZcoins you have earned. So the more ADZcoins you have earned the better as the higher the dollar value goes the more wealth you make.

As long as your earning daily ADZcoins and plan to hold them long-term expect to make a nice amount of money.

For a full comprehensive review on the whole ADZbuzz Project we strongly recommend that after creating an ADZbuzz account that you read the ADZbuzz Review under the publisher tab (see image below).

ADZbuzz - Google Chrome 2017-04-04 15.38.33

By signing up to ADZbuzz you would receive 100% of our support and effort with getting started and with any questions you might have etc.

Joining ADZbuzz makes a lot of difference and we are here to help and show you how you can make the most out of this unique innovative huge opportunity!

If you have any questions then contact us,  and connect with us on social media.


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    1. That is a good question. I am not sure. You should ask Jens that in the ADZbuzz Lounge. However, I have noticed that publishers who have already added it have it on every page.

      I recommend that you have it on every page as it would increase your chances of gaining more ADZbuzz referrals. But in regards to whether it would affect your earnings if you only have it placed on one page – Jens would be able to answer that question for you.


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