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What is ADZbuzz? ADZbuzz Platform Tour 2017!


ADZbuzz Social Media Platform

ADZbuzz is not like any ordinary social media platform like Facebook or Twitter but so much more!

The content discovery social media platform ADZbuzz is a multi-purpose platform with a lot of potential ahead of it. It is designed to attract all sorts of web users ranging from regular web users, publishers, bloggers, internet marketers, opportunity seekers, merchants and even investors. ADZbuzz would be a place for people to:

  • Discover and share interesting high quality content from publishers
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Socialize with friends, family and others
  • Engage with their favourite publishers’ content within ADZbuzz communities
  • Be a part of a buzzing vibrant growing community of people with similar interests
  • Earn money from a recurring passive income stream from the lucrative free to join affiliate program
  • Earn commission from referral product purchases
  • Purchase discounted marketing software tools and training to help build their online business
  • Monetize their blog/website traffic for free (ad-block users inclusive) with the ADZlink
  • Support their favourite publishers’ content through donations
  • Most importantly learn all about the decentralized digital currency ADZcoin and how it can make them extremely wealthy by investing in it or earning it for free on ADZbuzz


ADZbuzz has its very own decentralized digital currency known as ADZcoin which is the fuel of the ADZbuzz economy. ADZcoin has so much potential ahead of it to gain huge tremendous value; becoming the superior Bitcoin alternative with ADZbuzz being one of the main factors that will introduce and educate the masses to the world of crypto-currency (i.e. digital currency).

ADZbuzz will make it very easy for people who have never even owned a Bitcoin before, but want to know more about crypto-currency and get involved by learning and earning all at the same time. There would be huge support from the growing ADZbuzz community; everything would literally be made easy and streamlined for the millions of new people owning ADZcoins as their very first crypto-currency by joining ADZbuzz.

Just as the Facebook and Twitter logo are recognisable brands across the web, eventually so would the ADZbuzz logo be too. It would be a brand that resonates with all sorts of web users as everyone can benefit from ADZbuzz in one way or another. It would be a place for networking with new friends, joining new communities and being a part of something novel and different. ADZbuzz is not competing with Facebook, Twitter or any other social media type platform – instead it is introducing innovation into the market in its own right by incorporating the world of crypto-currency into social media and helping many people through it.

So if you have a Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram etc. account then you might as well just add an ADZbuzz account to your list too! And if you have none of those accounts then you still just might as well add an ADZbuzz account, because of its many benefits it has to offer the users.

People that take action today – especially whilst ADZbuzz is still in beta (until March 2017), by creating a free ADZbuzz account and learning about ADZcoin could very well find their ADZbuzz account in the future being worth more than their actual bank account.


The price of an ADZcoin now is only $0.05 cents (above), and just like Bitcoin and other digital currencies have jumped from cents to dollars in the past – ADZcoin has numerous features in place that would almost guarantee it gaining huge value from cents to dollars; to hundreds of dollars even one day.

It is the best investment of February 2017 without a doubt. It is a long-term investment that will make many investors, especially those who have purchased ADZcoins at cents super wealthy in the long-run. Now is the time to buy because the price is way undervalued!

Do not miss this opportunity, and even if you do not want to buy ADZcoin and store them as an investor, you have nothing to lose by joining ADZbuzz and earning ADZcoin for free via the lucrative affiliate program.

Watch the Video Below For a Tour Around the ADZbuzz Platform 

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