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Top Five Reasons Why ADZcoin Will Gain Tremendous Value


Top 5 Reasons For ADZcoin to Gain Huge Value

The price of an ADZcoin at the time of writing is only $0.019 which is less than 2 cents. It is extremely cheap, considering we see the price of an ADZcoin soon rising to a $1 and beyond. If you have managed to secure ADZcoin at cents then consider yourself fortunate and already more wealthy.

Right now you could be reading this and fortunate enough to learn all about ADZcoin whilst the price is still so low, or you could be unfortunate having come across this article and the price is already over a $1 – only wishing you had read this earlier.

But the reality is there are only a few action takers out there who would read this whilst the price is still at cents and take the minimal risk, seizing the opportunity by taking massive action. The vast majority of people will wait until the price is actually booming before they quickly rush in to buy.

One of the amazing things about ADZcoin and the system behind it is that either way you should make a profit depending on how long you hold your coins for – the only difference is those who bought in at cents stand to always gain a much greater return than those who jump in when the price is at dollars or even hundreds of dollars.

However, after reading this post it would clearly show you how ADZcoin is extremely likely to gain huge value from cents to dollars. It is all just a matter of time with developments being finalized and completed, before things can really kick off. And it is not impossible for a digital currency to grow that much in value, especially if the correct system is in place to give the coin huge demand.

It has happened before on more than one occasion in the world of crypto-currency. And ADZcoin definitely has the hallmark of being a very successful digital currency with a solid concept behind it.

Before we outline and explain the 5 reasons why ADZcoin is bound to skyrocket in value we must first explain in general what gives digital currency value. Crypto-currency gains value because of demand and people wanting to buy the coin. The same laws of supply and demand applies to crypto-currency in giving it value; if something is in limited supply but has a lot of demand then its market value will only increase. So the most important thing any crypto-currency needs to ever gain value is ‘demand.’ And any investor that wants to buy into a crypto-currency coin while at cents should first look for any ‘evidence’ that the coin will have a lot of demand. And that is what we will show you today – just how much demand ADZcoin will really have!

So without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons why ADZcoin will soon gain tremendous unstoppable value:

  1. ADZbuzz
  2. ADZbuzz Savers
  3. ADZlink
  4. 50/50 Indirect Donation
  5. Affiliate Program
How Would ADZbuzz Give ADZcoin Value?


The ADZbuzz platform is the heart of the project. And if you want to be a part of the growing ADZcoin community, the affiliate programs, be able to earn free ADZcoins, discover new content, socialize with people of similar interests, and gain access to high quality internet marketing training and so much more…

Then you really must have an ADZbuzz account. Without one you would be left behind in the dark, as nearly everything related to the project stems from ADZbuzz. All the updates, latest news and developments about the project is posted there too.

So ADZbuzz is a content discovery social media platform, but also a learning hub and earning opportunity all at the same time. Everybody that creates an ADZbuzz account from regular web users, publishers, internet marketers and merchants could benefit from the platform in one way or another, and would have their very own ADZcoin web wallet where they can earn, receive and store ADZcoins.

ADZbuzz is not just another type of social media platform like Facebook or Twitter, but will offer users so much more than just the social aspect of those platforms. And with the amount of wealth ADZcoin holders can generate their ADZbuzz account may one day be more valuable and precious than their bank account. The ADZbuzz brand which is very unique will attract millions of people across the globe and benefit them in different ways. At the time of writing the ADZbuzz platform is relatively new and still in beta, but once it has officially launched it will very easily go mainstream, simply due to the benefits it will provide people. You can check out some of the free benefits ADZbuzz offers publishers and internet marketers just for simply signing up.

If you look at some of the successful mainstream social media platforms they tend to have users in the tens to the hundreds of millions. ADZbuzz once officially launched has that potential in growth and becoming mainstream. And everyone that joins ADZbuzz more or less would be interested in owning/earning ADZcoin. The community now in ADZbuzz is relatively small, but we are crazy about getting our hands on ADZcoins as we see the bigger picture of where it will go in value.

ADZbuzz would play a huge factor in the growth of the ADZcoin community and educating people about the system and how they can generate a passive income stream in ADZcoin. This platform would play a major role in creating a continuous demand for the coin, month after month and year after year as the active user base just continuous to grow. Many people who have no idea ‘what a crypto-currency is?’ or ‘how to use/earn them?’ would be introduced to it and learn all about it through ADZbuzz, with ADZcoin being their first ever crypto-currency they have ever owned.

And it gets even more interesting when you understand that the supply of ADZcoin is limited to just 84 million coins which would not be reached in our life-time, as each year the reward for mining gets more difficult and decreases. The current available supply of ADZcoin on the market is just under 52 million coins. Now the potential growth of ADZbuzz in active users that will be using ADZcoin is unlimited – in a few years time ADZbuzz could have over 84 million active users easily, and that means there would not even be enough ADZcoin in circulation for every user to hold at least one whole ADZcoin each. So you know what that means if you managed to buy 1000’s of ADZcoins at mere cents today, don’t you?

As the demand for ADZcoin increases with the exponential growth of ADZbuzz the price of ADZcoin would only continue to gain more and more value, as more people would want to own them as they become part of the thriving ADZbuzz community!

   How Would ADZbuzz Savers Give ADZcoin Value?


ADZbuzz Savers is a comparison shopping search engine website owned by ADZbuzz Ltd. It would help consumers save money when shopping online and making a purchasing decision. The goal is to make this the number one platform that millions of shoppers across the globe online visit before making any purchase.

Like other comparison shopping search engine platforms, ADZbuzz Savers would generate revenue each time a potential customer clicks on a product and is re-directed to the merchant’s website to make the purchase. This is similar to how all the major comparison shopping sites generates millions of dollars each month through pay-per-click commission. ADZbuzz Savers would also earn revenue through affiliate commission as well as premium ad placements, which would give merchants more exposure and clicks – similar to how Google displays premium ads on top of search engine results. And there are even more ways too for ADZbuzz Savers to generate revenue.

ADZbuzz Savers with enough traffic, which it would have eventually due to the ADZlink being used across the web could generate tens of millions of dollars each and every month. ADZbuzz Savers revenue would be used to purchase ADZcoins on the open free market every day and share it with the publishers who are using the ADZlink to monetize their website traffic for free.

This system alone almost guarantees that ADZcoin will have constant demand day after day making it a very powerful Bitcoin alternative to invest in. The reason why we say ‘almost’ guarantees demand is because ADZbuzz Savers would need to gain traction first. However, the marketing strategy behind it would ensure that millions of people across the globe would soon learn about the benefits of ADZbuzz Savers, and how they can indirectly support their favourite publishers and even themselves if they are a part of the ADZcoin community by using the platform to save money shopping online. Once ADZbuzz Savers gains traction then ADZcoin will have guaranteed demand from a real online business that can generate millions of monthly dollars in fiat currency that will be used to purchase ADZcoin on the open market – constantly pushing the price of the coin up giving it a lot of value in the long run.

A remarkable quality of this system, is that anyone who uses ADZbuzz Savers to save money shopping online regardless of whether they are part of the ADZbuzz community or not would indirectly be giving value to the price of ADZcoin – without them even knowing so. And there could potentially be millions of people using that platform not part of the ADZcoin community, but indirectly benefiting those who are actually holding and earning ADZcoins.

We don’t know of any other crypto-currency that has a business system 100% supporting their coin like ADZcoin does.

   How Would ADZlink Give ADZcoin Value?


The ADZlink is a little non-intrusive icon as shown in the picture above (bottom right corner) that can be added to publishers websites for free in order to monetize all their traffic with the income coming from the centralized advertising platform – ADZbuzz Savers.

ADZlink is another way for publishers to monetize their website alongside the conventional ad-revenue system that most publishers use to generate an income stream. A good thing about ADZlink that will benefit publishers is that it also monetizes traffic coming from ad-block users too, which the conventional ad-revenue system fails to do. Publishers will not have to worry about not earning from any of their traffic ever again once they have added the free ADZlink to their site.

Learn more about the ADZlink feature and how it works.

As you can see for publishers adding the ADZlink to their website and the free benefits that comes with joining ADZbuzz is simply a no-brainer. The question is not ‘why would they add the ADZlink?’ rather ‘why would any publisher not add the ADZlink?,’ when it is a completely free passive income stream, designed to help them make more money and recoup any losses in potential revenue from ad-block users.

Once the word goes out about ADZlink – it would receive so much mainstream attention and would soon be added to millions of websites across the web, and to new websites by default to start monetizing their traffic. The ADZlink system interconnects with ADZbuzz and ADZbuzz Savers too, so millions of people across the globe would soon recognize the ADZbuzz brand and what it stands for; helping publishers generate revenue and so much more!

From the wide-spread adoption of ADZlink you can see how ADZbuzz Savers would be introduced to everyone world-wide and ADZbuzz too. It would be another feature that gives ADZcoin a lot of attraction across the web and huge demand as well. As millions of people are introduced to ADZbuzz Savers and ADZbuzz through the ADZlink icon, which they will constantly see on millions of websites across the web. More people use ADZbuzz Savers as a result or join ADZbuzz and become a part of a big growing community where they can learn all about ADZcoin, and how it can benefit them by holding/earning it – this set up would give ADZcoin a lot of attention and an ever growing user-base too.

And you know what that means, right? Exactly! Growing demand and an increasing value in the price of ADZcoin on the open market in the long run.

How Would 50/50 Indirect Donation Give ADZcoin Value?

The 50/50 indirect donation feature is really phenomenal in the role it would play in the long term in giving ADZcoin tremendous value.

As already explained, crypto-currency gains value as a result of demand against a limited supply. Now as you can see so far ADZcoin will have a lot of demand across the globe as a result of the whole system and how it is all set-up to be interconnected; working together to constantly give ADZcoin demand and grow the ADZcoin user base. ADZcoin has a limited supply of 84 million coins in total once it is all mined; however what the 50/50 indirect donation feature does is shrink the ADZcoin coin supply against a growing demand.

It is absolutely mind-blowing, I know! Just think what this would mean in the long-run for people who purchased thousands of ADZcoins at mere cents, and where the future value of 1 ADZcoin can be in a few years time. A limited supply and huge demand is what has given Bitcoin so much value from cents to over a $1000 before – imagine what a constantly growing huge demand against a limited but shrinking supply would do to the price of an ADZcoin. Take a few moments just to ponder on it; bearing in mind that even Bitcoin today with all its success does not have the systems in place that ADZcoin does that will make it go viral and become mainstream with a constantly growing user base.

It is estimated that there are approximately around just 10 million (more or less) Bitcoin users, which has been around for nearly 9 years now; the price of a Bitcoin has gained considerable value and still has a lot of potential growth ahead of it as well to become more mainstream and have more users. However, ADZbuzz alone once officially launched (end of February 2017) could reach 1 million users plus within the first year alone, and could easily well exceed 10 million users in just a couple of years. ADZbuzz has the potential to have hundreds of millions of users in less than 9 years with the amount of marketing it would receive across the web; each ADZbuzz user would have their very own ADZcoin web wallet and would very likely be interested in earning and holding ADZcoin too.

Now factor in this growth with the shrinking limited supply of ADZcoin and you would understand why ADZcoin will gain tremendous value from being priced at mere cents today.

So how does the 50/50 indirect donation feature work?

The net revenue that ADZbuzz Ltd. generates from their various revenue sources that they use to buy ADZcoins with on the open market – 50% of those ADZcoins would be used for distribution to publishers, affiliates etc. and the other 50% of those ADZcoins would be sent to an unspendable wallet address where they would be lost forever. The best way to look at those ADZcoins constantly sent to the unspendable wallet address is as a form of data that indicates just how much ADZcoins the company has actually distributed to publishers and affiliates. It would be a good marker to keep track of just how much the company has shared out with people.

The reason why it is an ‘indirect donation,’ as each time anybody sells their ADZcoin on the open market they would be indirectly increasing the value of all the other ADZcoins in existence. As the ADZbuzz company constantly buys those sold ADZcoins off the open market and 50% of the purchase coins are lost forever. This means every time anyone sells their ADZcoin they are indirectly donating more value to those who are holding their ADZcoin instead.

This is an ingenious unique system, that in the long run just about guarantees that the price of an ADZcoin will be worth $10, $100 and even $1000’s. This system will encourage a lot of people to want to earn, buy and hold their ADZcoin’s long-term. Investors would love this system and so would publishers and affiliates who are earning ADZcoin too. And every time people sell their ADZcoin’s they would be indirectly reducing the limited supply of the coin, whilst the demand for the coin is always on the rise; thus gradually rewarding those who hold their ADZcoin’s in the process, as they would see the value of their coins continue to increase in the long-run.

This is why it makes so much sense for publishers to add the ADZlink to their site and earn free ADZcoins from their traffic, because every ADZcoin they earn could potentially be worth $100’s or $1000’s a couple of years from now.

How Would the Affiliate Program Give ADZcoin Value?


The affiliate program would always encourage people to continue sharing the opportunity with others, so as the community continues to grow there would be millions of people marketing and promoting ADZbuzz on a daily basis – introducing new people to the system. It is a great way to ensure the system goes viral and is constantly promoted by giving each individual that joins ADZbuzz the opportunity to generate a passive income in ADZcoins.

Millions of people want to earn a passive income online and generate an extra passive income stream, and earning ADZcoins will not be a bad idea when people understand how the dollar value of the coin will continually rise. The affiliate program is beneficial for the entire business, as most people that join ADZbuzz would want to promote it in some form as it is rewarding for them; and the growth of ADZbuzz would indirectly benefit the value of each ADZcoin in existence.

ADZbuzz is the center of the project so you can easily be a part of the affiliate program by simply sharing your very own ADZbuzz referral link with others. As soon as they create their account they would be your referral tied to your account for life. Publishers who add the free ADZlink to their website would gain referrals each time anyone joins ADZbuzz through clicking on the ADZlink on their site; as it would be connected to their affiliate link. It won’t be long before millions of bloggers are introducing their following to the ADZbuzz platform; explaining what the ADZlink is and why people should sign-up to ADZbuzz and how they can benefit from it.

If you want to be a part of the ADZbuzz affiliate program just create yourself a free ADZbuzz account and you would receive your very own referral link to start sharing with others.


The price of ADZcoin today is still very low and so is the volume (i.e. the trading transaction amount), which is irrelevant at this stage as the project is still in beta and has not yet officially launched to the world until another month or so. Do not let the low price of the coin deter you from potentially making a fortune – by seeing early potential and getting in on it now before it is too late.

Hopefully by now you should understand why the price of ADZcoin at the moment is a complete steal, and how the coin will eventually gain tremendous value with all the interconnected systems at play that is designed to continually push the price of ADZcoin upwards in the long-run.

Remember ADZcoin at the moment is in its complete infancy stage and has not really started yet. Despite that, it has a system behind it that is more powerful than most alternative coins out there, and even than what Bitcoin had at its early beginning. It took time if you look at Bitcoin’s price history and development to reach where it is today, and it did not have anything in the beginning to support the coin other than having an amazing innovative concept to attract people toward using it.

ADZcoin on the other hand and rightly so, has an arsenal at the very beginning to ensure the success of the coin’s future. And this is extremely important in today’s crypto-currency market where there is a lot of dirt and only a few gems among them. ADZcoin has so much potential ahead of it, especially once it starts gaining more traction and merchants begin to jump on board; accepting ADZcoin as a form of payment using ADZbuzzPay. Imagine every merchant that advertises on ADZbuzz Savers also chooses to accept ADZcoin as a payment option, this would only make ADZcoin even more valuable.

Smart merchants would definitely do it too. Because there would be hundreds of thousands of people earning and owning ADZcoins and growing, and by accepting it as a payment option would only increase their sales by attracting so much more customers who have ADZcoins ready to spend. And not only that ADZbuzz Savers will also accept ADZcoin as a payment option to advertise on the platform, so merchants will be able to use those ADZcoins to pay for clicks on ADZbuzz Savers, sell them into fiat currency, or save them and watch their value continue to sky-rocket.

The future possibilities are literally endless for ADZcoin and the ADZbuzz project. So many products and services in addition to what the project already has can be rolled out in the future – the fiat revenue being used to buy ADZcoins on the open market and distributing it to publishers and affiliates. All of this would only give the coin even more value alongside the 50/50 indirect donation feature.

So if you want a good solid Bitcoin alternative coin to invest in you definitely should not look pass ADZcoin, as you could potentially be looking pass making a fortune at this stage; the price it is now is so cheap which makes the risk extremely low in contrast to the huge potential capital gains ahead.

Our advice, save a few quid or dollars and invest in some cheap ADZcoins whilst it is still at cents.

If you have any questions then leave us a comment below!

Also if you benefit from our content and want to support us feel free to donate some ADZcoin.

Every little is appreciated!


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