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How to Buy or Sell ADZcoin on the Livecoin Exchange?


Purchasing or Selling ADZcoin on the Livecoin Exchange

Before we start, read these posts if you want to learn more about the concept behind ADZcoin and how ADZcoin will have constant guaranteed demand.

Until the in-house ADZbuzz Exchange is fully operational and ready to be used the best place to buy ADZcoin now is the Livecoin exchange.

In this article we will show the step-by-step guide on how to purchase ADZcoin on the Livecoin exchange and deposit the coins safely in your ADZbuzz web wallet. The process may seem technical for beginners or new starters who are not familiar with using exchanges, but is actually quite easy once you have done it a couple of times. Following this guide will make the process a breeze and you would then know how to go about using any other exchange to buy or sell your coins as the procedures are very much the same.

We recommend for first time buyers to start off with a small amount of fiat currency to buy ADZcoin on the Livecoin exchange, and once you get the hang of it then you can upscale as you please.

Before we get started you would first need to create an ADZbuzz account, so that you already have your very own ADZcoin web wallet, which you would need to send your ADZcoin to after purchasing them on the open market via the Livecoin exchange.

Once you have created your ADZbuzz account follow the steps below to purchase ADZcoin on the Livecoin exchange.

Setting Up Your Livecoin Account

Step one:

Create your Livecoin exchange account by clicking here.


Step Two:

Fill out the registration form and ignore the referral code box. Then agree to the terms and conditions and click the continue button.


Step Three:

Confirm your email address by copying the code they send you in the box below.


Step Four:

Sign into your account for the first time using your username and password. A box will appear that will prompt you to set up a PIN code. The PIN code is important so never forget it, as you would need it every time you withdraw coins from your Livecoin account.


Repeat your PIN code again and click the button below.


Depositing Money into Your Livecoin Account

Now is the time to deposit money into your Livecoin account which you would soon use to purchase ADZcoin.

Step One:

Click on the Deposit button above.


Step Two:

You can deposit fiat currency into the Livecoin exchange or Bitcoin in order to buy ADZcoin directly.


If you want to deposit USD or EUR then click on their corresponding ‘deposit’ button. You would be given a few payment method choices to make the deposit as shown below.


Alternatively, if you know how to purchase Bitcoin then you can just send your Bitcoin to your Livecoin account by clicking on the Bitcoin ‘deposit’ button, which would give you your Livecoin Bitcoin deposit address to send the Bitcoin to. This is the method that we use when purchasing ADZcoin from the Livecoin exchange.


Copy your own Livecoin Bitcoin deposit address and use it to send your Bitcoin to your Livecoin account.

There are many ways in which you can buy Bitcoin, but if you are from the UK or Europe one of the ways we recommend due to its ease of usage is Bittylicious, which allows you to buy Bitcoin by paying via online bank transfer. You can use your Livecoin Bitcoin deposit address on Bittylicious for the seller to send the coins directly to your Livecoin account.

Another method to buy Bitcoin if you are from the USA or even Europe would be to use Coinbase. With Coinbase you can purchase Bitcoin using a credit/debit card and make instant purchases. You can then send those Bitcoins to your Livecoin Bitcoin deposit address. If you buy $100 USD of Bitcoin or more you would earn $10 USD of free Bitcoin from Coinbase.

Again, we recommend that if this is your first time you start with a small amount of money to get familiar with the process before spending larger amounts.

Step Three:

Once you have made your deposit you would eventually see it displayed in your balance. If you are depositing using Bitcoin it can take up to an hour to be received by Livecoin so don’t panic if it is taking a while for the Bitcoin to show up in your account. You would see a pending balance indicating the Bitcoin has been sent, but has not been fully confirmed yet to be able to be used. But once the deposit has been received it would show up in your Livecoin account ‘available’ balance.


Buying ADZcoin with Your Deposit Balance

Once your deposit balance has been received by Livecoin you can now use it to purchase ADZcoin.

Step One:

Click on the Buy/Sell button at the top of the page.


Step Two:

In the search box type in ‘adz’ as that is the code for ADZcoin which you want to buy.


Two options would show up ADZ/BTC or ADZ/USD. You would select the option that you plan to use to purchase ADZcoin with; whether it is Bitcoin or USD based on what you deposited into your Livecoin account.

For the purpose of this post we are going to continue as if you deposited Bitcoin into your account. However, the procedure from here to purchase ADZcoin is the same, so if you actually deposited USD just click on the ADZ/USD option and continue following the tutorial as the steps are similar.


Step Three:

We are mainly focusing on how to buy ADZcoin, however if you have ADZcoin that you want to sell then it is a similar process to buying, but instead you are selling in exchange for Bitcoin or USD.

In the buy box you can enter the amount of ADZcoin you wish to purchase. You can also change the price you would like to pay per ADZcoin. By default as you can see in the screenshot below, the price per ADZcoin is set to what the cheapest seller is selling ADZcoin for on the market. You can buy at that price and you would receive an instantaneous trade. However the price of the cheapest seller is not necessarily the best price for you – if you are not in a hurry to buy the coins.


On the right hand side in the ‘buying ADZ’ section you can see what the highest bidding buyer is willing to pay for the coin.

We recommend before setting your price that you would like to pay that you first check the price of ADZcoin on the market by visiting here.


As you can see the market price per ADZ is actually 0.00002178 BTC. It is lower than what the cheapest seller is selling the ADZcoin for. So you could either set your buying price at that price, or bid just slightly higher than the highest bidding buyer, so that you are more likely to secure the first trade.

Once you set your buying price and the amount of ADZ you wish to buy then click the ‘buy’ button.

Step Four:

Your buy order would be displayed in bold in the ‘buying ADZ’ section, alongside all the other buyers.


The order would remain open until it has been filled and completed, and then it would close. It may take a while for the order to be filled, so at this stage you can sign out and check back a few hours later to see if your order has completed.


If it hasn’t you can leave it over-night, or until it has. If you find that your order has been pushed to the bottom due to other buyers bidding higher than you, then you can always cancel the order and repeat the steps above to re-set the price you are willing to pay and the amount of ADZcoin you wish to buy. And then make a new buy order with a higher price – if you wish – in order to compete with the other buyers.

Withdrawing ADZcoin From Your Livecoin Account

Once your order has completed you are now ready to withdraw your purchased ADZcoins and send them to your ADZbuzz web wallet. You can learn how to find your ADZbuzz web wallet address by reading this post.

Step One:

Click on the ‘deposit’ button at the top to go back to the page where you first deposited money into your Livecoin account.

Step Two:

Scroll down the page until you come across your ADZcoin balance and then click on the ‘withdrawal’ button.


Step Three:

A window will pop-up showing your ADZcoin account balance for you to withdraw. Enter the full amount of ADZcoin you want to withdraw. And then in the ADZcoin wallet box copy and paste your ADZbuzz web wallet address. You should have already created an ADZbuzz account and have found your ADZbuzz web wallet address. Then click the ‘send a payment’ button.

We don’t recommend you to store any coins on any exchanges. Just use them to trade and then send your coins to be safely stored in a safe wallet.


Step Four:

Confirm the withdrawal request.


A box will pop-up prompting you to enter the verification code that Livecoin sends to your registered email address and also the 4-digit PIN code that you created when registering your account. Once you fill those in then click ‘confirm.’


The next box that pops-up would give you the option to save the address that you used to send your ADZcoin to on Livecoin. It is up to you if you want to save your ADZcoin address or not. If you do not want to just un-check the box and close the pop-up.

Even if you do choose to save your ADZcoin address we still recommend that you directly copy and paste your ADZbuzz web wallet address in the future when withdrawing coins, instead of relying on the saved Livecoin address.


Step Five:

Congratulations! Once that is done the process is completed.

You have now successfully purchased ADZcoin and deposited them into your ADZbuzz web wallet. It may take a few minutes before the coins show up in your account, however if you check the ‘Transaction History’ in your ADZbuzz account you would see that the coins have been sent and are pending confirmation from the network – before it will be shown in your actual balance. This basically means the coins have been sent and will soon show up in your balance.


Check out the video for a quick tutorial on how to buy ADZcoin on the Livecoin exchange

If you have any questions leave us a comment below!

If you would like to support us then feel free to donate us some ADZcoin. Every little is appreciated!

Stay tuned to this blog and our future posts by following us via email…


6 thoughts on “How to Buy or Sell ADZcoin on the Livecoin Exchange?

  1. it doe s not work i bought 14 coins and it did not sow up yto my account look here the proof
    that my transcction history and a screenshot of my account is the next link
    i feel like this is a scam, this better be fixed by Tuesday, i just said this to my blog and will if it is not fixed report this thing as a scam. However i still believe this is good opportunity please this better be fixed


      1. Check your transaction history and you should see the payment in pending.

        Also it is no scam. If you do not see the payment in pending or it is there too long then just contact the support desk by sending a ticket and attaching the screenshot to the ticket and they would take care of it for you.

        You can contact the support desk at

        That is all you have to do. We have the correct channels to get issues solved with account problems on ADZbuzz.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. guys there support is so fast they fixed the problem and put my Adz coins in my account. This whole project in not a scam. can not wait for beta to end. I am the person who said “it doe s not work i bought 14 coins and it did not sow up yto my account look here the proof
        that my transcction history and a screenshot of my account is the next link
        i feel like this is a scam, this better be fixed by Tuesday, i just said this to my blog and will if it is not fixed report this thing as a scam. However i still believe this is good opportunity please this better be fixed” *However they fixed the promlbem. Join the project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2. That’s good the issue is solved. The ADZbuzz Support desk are pretty awesome. Like I said if you have a problem you just need to go through the right channels to get it solved.


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