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Restoring or Moving your ADZcoin Offline Wallet

Restore/Move Your ADZcoin Offline Wallet

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In this article we are going to show you how to restore/move your ADZcoin using the ‘wallet.dat’ file in case anything happened to your offline wallet or PC. It is very important that you have external back-ups of that file and you have encrypted your wallet with a secure password too.

If you lose the file or forget your password then you lose your coins – it is that simple.

The process to restore or move your coins from one PC to another is the same. If you want to be able to access your wallet from another computer then you need to move the wallet.dat file altogether to that computer; and do not try to access the same wallet.dat file on multiple computers by copying the file to be used on various computers. It is best practice to use the wallet.dat file to access your coins on one computer at a time.

How to Restore/Move Your ADZcoin Offline Wallet?

Step one:

Install the ADZcoin offline wallet application onto your new PC where you would like to either restore or move your coins.

Step two:

Once you open the new installed wallet it would create an ADZcoin directory folder on your computer.

You need to locate the ADZcoin directory folder by going to your start menu search bar and typing in %appdata%, which would then display your Roaming folder that contains the the ADZcoin directory folder for your wallet.


Step three:

Click on the ADZcoin directory folder and overwrite the wallet.dat file inside the folder with your most recent back-up of the wallet.dat file on your external drive, which is the key to your coins. Before you overwrite the wallet.dat file with your back-up make sure the wallet application is not open or running in the background.


Once you have replaced the above wallet.dat file with your back-up wallet.dat file the process is complete. And you have successfully either restored or moved your wallet to a new computer.

Because you have installed the ADZcoin wallet application from scratch again on a new PC, you would need to wait until the wallet completely syncs with the network and is up to date before your coins would be confirmed on the new wallet.

Overwriting the wallet.dat file with your back-up would only recover your coins and not any of your wallet addresses or your transaction history. All that information would not show.

Save Time Syncing Your New Wallet


If you made a recent back-up copy of your ADZcoin directory folder then it would be possible to save time syncing your new wallet. Replacing the ADZcoin directory folder on the new PC with your back-up ADZcoin directory folder of your old wallet would automatically sync your wallet up to date. And it would also transfer across all your created addresses and transaction history too.

This is an easy way to move your wallet from one computer to another by copying that folder and replacing it on your new PC once you have downloaded the wallet application. Just remember that you should not try to use the same wallet.dat file on more than one PC at a time.

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