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Could ADZcoin Be the Superior Bitcoin Alternative?


ADZcoin the Superior Bitcoin Alternative to Invest In

It is clear that Bitcoin with its innovative concept and first mover advantage has dominated the crypto-currency market and is the most widely accepted digital currency of them all. However, the success of Bitcoin from cents to over a thousand dollars have led to the rise of hundreds of Bitcoin alternatives that have flooded the market.

You can see a list of them on CoinMarketCap.

When it comes to Bitcoin alternatives most of them are just copy cats of Bitcoin with a slight difference in feature or coin design that is not really enough to make a difference to give the coin attraction and mass adoption.

There are however, definitely some gems among the Bitcoin alternatives; the coins that have the potential to explode from cents to dollars and be mass adopted giving early investors huge capital gains on their investment.

One of those coins that we believe has huge potential to give long-term investors a nice return is ADZcoin. It is a relatively new coin on the market and the project behind it is still in beta until the end of February 2017, however it is one of those unique alternative coins that has such a solid foundation and powerful concept behind it to basically disrupt the market once it is ready to go mainstream.

At the moment the only people who seem to know about its potential is the growing vibrant community of people who have been following the project during its development. And in the world of crypto-currency it is those people that reap the most reward as they manage to get their hands on the coin while still at cents.

We believe ADZcoin out of all the Bitcoin alternatives is one of the superior coins to invest in and be part of. The system behind ADZcoin has a solid foundation to continue pushing the coins value upwards as time goes by than what Bitcoin even had to start off with.

Before we give our reasons as to why ADZcoin tops the list in the world of alternative coins; you first need to know what gives digital currencies value to begin with. Only then would you understand how the system behind ADZcoin is almost guaranteed to give the coin value in time, and make investors extremely wealthy indeed (depending on when they buy and sell).

How Does Crypto-currency Jump From Cents to Dollars?


Bitcoin did it and other Bitcoin alternatives have done it too.

But not every crypto-currency out there on the market will gain value; in fact the vast majority wouldn’t. If you look at the Bitcoin alternatives that actually do gain value or have the potential to there is usually something very different or special about the coin – like a unique selling point that will provide a solution to a world problem.

Investors that know how to detect these opportunities and are willing to take the risk can potentially make a killing. As crypto-currency is one of the biggest opportunities for investors out there – the hardest part is finding the good ones.

So let’s talk about what gives crypto-currency their value?

To sum it up in one word it is the ‘people.’ We give crypto-currency value buy buying into them and accepting them in trade. In reality they are just digital numbers on a screen, but because someone is willing to buy them at the price another person is selling at – it gives the coin value. And so long as people are always willing to buy the coin and accept it then the coin would always have value. Many crypto-currencies on the market have a limited supply, so the more people that are willing to buy and accept the coin the higher the value of the coin. The same laws of supply and demand that apply to gold and silver, also applies to crypto-currencies and plays a major role in any coins value.

This is why one of the major challenges for Bitcoin alternatives is to acquire mass adoption and attraction (i.e. demand), because that is the only genuine way to give the coin ongoing value and ultimately success. But of course, creating demand for a coin is easier said than done – Bitcoin being the first of its kind with an innovative concept took approximately two years to reach the value of $1 and 8 years later even-though it has topped the $1000 mark many experts still proclaim that the coin is not widely used enough by common people as a medium of exchange. Despite that, Bitcoin is still the most successful crypto-currency to date, creating multi-millionaires in the process and no other alternative coin has managed so far to achieve the level of adoption that Bitcoin has.

Gaining mass adoption for a coin is no easy task, but that being said it is not impossible for a Bitcoin alternative to succeed in becoming the coin that literally goes mainstream and becomes the digital cash of the common people. And that is likely the goal of many alternative coins on the market.

What Makes ADZcoin the superior Bitcoin Alternative?

By now you should understand that value of crypto-currencies comes from demand. And demand is a result of mass adoption and acceptance of the coin. The more demand the higher the value and vice versa.

Most crypto-currencies if not all solely rely on people to buy into the coin to give it value. They have to market their coins’ concept in order to attract people to buy into it and accept it to eventually gain value. This takes time; even coins with powerful attractive concepts can take time to move from cents to reach over $1, as more people begin to learn about it and buy into it. Because the market is flooded with hundreds of Bitcoin alternatives, it’s not easy for a gem to be discovered without extensive costly marketing campaigns. Early investors could be holding onto coins for over a year plus easily, before the market gains any traction and the coin gains value. Thus, a lot of good Bitcoin alternatives are long term investment opportunities; in the hopes that the coin would one day acquire demand from other people also seeing the potential and buying into it, to then eventually gaining value.

Every investment has risk and so does crypto-currencies. But as they say the bigger the risk the higher the reward (or loss). And the reward of buying something at cents that turns into dollars is extremely lucrative as an investment opportunity.

ADZcoin, however, has a unique system behind the coin than the rest of the Bitcoin alternatives. The coin is not solely relying on people to buy into the concept in order to gain value – mind you, it is a powerful and attractive concept indeed that will solve a real world multi-billion dollar issue and will attract nearly every publisher on the web. The concept of ADZcoin sells itself, and people that take the time to research it know that it is a very good crypto-currency to invest in.

ADZcoin has gone the extra mile and has a system behind it that more or less nearly guarantees the coin will have a constant demand, which is going to make it sky-rocket in value in due time. As investors this is perfect and really comforting knowing that you are holding an asset that will always almost have demand – it really does not get better than that when it comes to investing in a crypto-currency coin. Every coin on the market relies on individuals buying into it to give the coin value, whereas ADZcoin will not solely rely on individuals to give the coin value. ADZcoin will also have a business supporting the coin that constantly uses their revenue to buy ADZcoin on the open market.

ADZcoin Holders are Sitting on Gold


ADZbuzz Savers is a centralized advertising shopping comparison search engine platform that will allow every merchant or advertiser to upload their product/service feeds on their platform. The revenue that ADZbuzz Savers generates would be used to purchase ADZcoin on the open market and distributed to publishers for free who have installed the ADZbuzz ADZlink script to their website in order for them to earn an extra passive revenue stream.

ADZbuzz Savers would earn revenue on a cost-per-click basis each time a potential customer clicks on an ad to be re-directed to the merchants’ website. It would help drive more traffic and increase sales for merchants and advertisers. It is a similar concept to how Google generates billions of dollars in cost-per-click advertising. And all the revenue ADZbuzz Savers generates in fiat currency would be used to purchase ADZcoin on the open market giving the coin constant demand and increased value in the long-run.

Bellow is a basic illustration of how the system works:


This is why ADZcoin holders are sitting on gold and why ADZcoin is the superior Bitcoin alternative.

With the success of ADZbuzz Savers there is no saying where the price of ADZcoin will go month after month and year after year. But one thing we are almost certain about is that the price of ADZcoin would be more than the current value right now at the time of writing of $0.01 cents – which is a complete steal!

You may be thinking why is it so low?

Because the project is still in beta and won’t be launched until the end of February 2017. So if you are reading this while the price of ADZcoin is still so low, then this is one Bitcoin alternative that you should definitely get your hands on some before it really goes mainstream and takes off.

A great thing about this system is that no matter when an investor buys into ADZcoin if they hold it long enough they would always be able to sell them at a higher price later down the line. As various factors including ADZbuzz Savers continue to drive the price up gradually. As investors, potential profit all depends on the price you buy at and the price you sell at – and now is the best time to buy without a doubt.

ADZcoin is a solid investment opportunity with a sound concept and system behind it. And if you don’t want to be left behind with this one then you better get started and join the growing community before the traction really begins.

Stay tuned to this blog for more news about the ADZbuzz project by following us!

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