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How Can Publishers Monetize their Website/Blog Traffic For Free With ADZbuzz ADZlink?


ADZbuzz ADZlink Monetization of Your Website/Blog Traffic

In this post we are going to explain how the ADZlink monetization system works, and how you can benefit from it for free as a publisher to generate an extra income stream from 100% of all your traffic that visits your site.

This is a novel website/blog monetization model and is really innovative, and we are sure publishers are going to love it!

The main current way that publishers earn is through the conventional ad-revenue. However, this method of earning is under direct threat from ad-blockers. It has already been estimated that by 2020 publishers would lose $27 billion in potential revenue due to the increase adoption of ad-blockers.

And if you wonder why do web users download ad-blockers to begin with you should read this post here.

It is a big deal for the web users who consciously use ad-blockers to continue using them and for the publishers who are potentially losing revenue because of it to find a way to recoup their losses. And this is where ADZbuzz ADZlink monetization comes in with the ultimate solution to this problem.

ADZlink monetization would allow publishers to monetize all their traffic to their website 100% for free and that is even including those who use ad-blockers. This website monetization model can work alongside your conventional ad-revenue earning system, thus generating you two passive income streams from your website.

The only requirement for publishers to be able to use this system is to create a free ADZbuzz account which comes with multiple valuable freebies for every publisher that joins.

How does ADZlink Monetization Work?

The good thing about ADZlink monetization is that it is very similar to the current way publishers earn from ad-revenue, but superior as it would monetize all traffic including ad-block users.

It is very simple and easy to be a part of; all publishers need to do is create an ADZbuzz account and install the ADZlink script on to their website from their account back-end. And then you can start earning straight off the bat getting paid automatically into your ADZbuzz account from traffic to your website.

Once the ADZlink script is installed on your website (takes a minute) it would display a little non-intrusive icon that will appear on all your website pages. People who use ad-blockers would still see this icon despite not seeing any advertisements on your website.

Check out the example below:


In this example the ADZlink icon is displayed neatly in the bottom right-hand corner; not intrusive or invasive at all on the website page.

Another cool feature added to the ADZlink icon is that supporters would be able to donate to you as well through it and you would receive free advertising as a publisher across the ADZbuzz platform.

Where Does the Revenue Come From to Pay the Publishers?

It all sounds real good, right?

Join ADZbuzz and get a whole load of freebies with it, add the ADZlink and start generating revenue from all the traffic to your blog.

However, where does the money come from?

Well ADZbuzz would be paying all publishers who add the ADZlink script to their website from a real business model that is even used by companies like Google. All revenue to pay publishers will come from a centralized advertising shopping search engine platform called ADZbuzz Savers. Just how Google earns billions through pay-per-click advertising, ADZbuzz Savers would generate revenue in a similar way and share this revenue with publishers.

ADZbuzz Savers would be a superior platform for merchants and advertisers to advertise on as it would be targeting potential interested buyers who are ready to make a purchasing decision. This would lead to better conversion rates for advertisers than advertising in places across the web where people have zero interest whatsoever in making a purchase.

Below is an overview of how the ADZbuzz ADZlink monetization system works:


It is an ingenious system and a no-brainer for publishers to be a part of as they literally have nothing to lose but only revenue and profit to gain.

The ADZlink icon on your website would re-direct people to ADZbuzz Savers and would also help the platform go viral across the web. Everyone would soon be aware of what the brand stands for and how it has made it possible for publishers to earn from ad-block users. By default publishers would all be adding the ADZlink script to their website because of the immense benefits that come with it.

A Win-Win Solution to Ad-blockers?


ADZbuzz ADZlink monetization system literally provides a win-win situation for both publishers and ad-block users. It is the only system that enables ad-block users to surf ad-free without harming the publishers’ revenue. All the other systems out there in one way or another attack the ad-block user and tries to inconvenience them by forcing them to disable their ad-blockers.

Not only are these attempts useless at solving the ad-blocking issue, but it is also not a good long term business practice for publishers as they can potentially lose a lot of their followers and prevent their content from being read by new people too. As people that adopt ad-blockers do not want to see ads at all, so any attempt at forcing them to is extremely counterproductive.

The ADZbuzz ADZlink solution is the only system that provides an ultimate solution to this ever growing problem, by giving both parties what they want; ad-free surfing for ad-block users and an income stream for publishers. And it works alongside the conventional ad-revenue system too, so for those people who are happy seeing ads and do not care too much about ad-blockers they would still generate the publisher an income stream.

If you are interested in ad-blockers and want to learn more about them and why people use them to begin with then we recommend this particular ad-blocker ADZbuzz uBlock.

Watch this short video that explains ADZlink monetization in a nutshell

Stay tuned to this blog for more information about the ADZbuzz Project and follow us by email to be notified each time we make a post.

If you have any questions or need any help then feel free to contact us. Don’t be shy!

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