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ADZbuzz – A Wealth of Opportunity for Publishers and Internet Marketers


When asked about ‘ADZbuzz’ it is really hard to explain it in just a few words and by calling it just a social media platform is really selling it short. ADZbuzz is not just a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit it is so much more. It is really a multi-purpose content discovery social media platform that provides different benefits to various kinds of users.

The regular web user, publisher, internet marketer and even merchants can potentially benefit from the platform in one way or another. In this article we are going to focus on the benefits ADZbuzz offers publishers and internet marketers and why it is an absolute no brainer for you to sign up to ADZbuzz.

A bit of background about ADZbuzz; it is currently in Beta and relatively new on the market. So there is not much buzz yet on the internet about ADZbuzz, but that will soon change once the platform is ready to launch by the end of February 2017. The concept behind ADZbuzz is mainly focused on helping publishers (i.e. content creators) with what they all want and need – traffic and income generation. ADZbuzz helps publishers with both, including helping publishers generate an income stream from ad-block users; which the conventional way of earning through ad-revenue is unable to do so.

So let’s get down to business!

Why should publishers and internet marketers join ADZbuzz today?


Simply put, because what it will be offering you straight off the bat 100% for free is so valuable that it is mind-blowing there is no price tag attached to it! Plus it is all 100% risk-free!

This is what ADZbuzz offers you for FREE once signed up:

  1. ADZlink Monetization
  2. ADZbuzzer Integration
  3. Free traffic from ADZbuzz communities
  4. Free traffic from ADZbuzz using ADZnouncer
  5. Free access to real-time case study to help bloggers

We have never seen a more valuable free offer like this that offers so much multiple benefits at once.

Let’s explain each point in more detail and you would understand exactly what we mean by just how valuable this opportunity really is for you and it is all 100% free:

ADZlink Monetization

This is basically an opportunity to help you monetize all your traffic to your websites including from ad-block users, so that you can generate another revenue stream alongside your conventional ad-revenue earnings. All you would need to do is install the quick ADZlink script to your site and you are good to go!

Pretty cool and easy, right?

All the revenue to pay publishers will come from a centralized advertising platform called ADZbuzz Savers (in beta development), which is similar to how Google earns their billions through paid-to-click ads. ADZbuzz Savers would share their revenue with publishers who have installed the ADZlink script to their websites. Publishers would be able to easily install the script to their site from their ADZbuzz account back-end.

One of the most important points to highlight about ADZlink monetization is that you also earn from ad-block users who access your site too. So you literally monetize 100% of all your traffic to your site. Who would turn down another free passive revenue stream for their website?

ADZbuzzer Integration

The ADZbuzzer is basically the name of ADZbuzz’s social share button. You will be able to integrate the ADZbuzzer onto your website just like you add any other social share button and can benefit from having your content displayed on the ADZbuzz home page when it is shared, which would then receive a lot of exposure.

Free traffic from ADZbuzz Communities

The ADZbuzz communities is a timeline on ADZbuzz that would be a vibrant and buzzing place. It would be a place where people of similar interests can engage and interact with each other around the content of publishers that they like. There would be a lot of traffic and exposure for publishers from these communities on ADZbuzz.

Free traffic from ADZbuzz using ADZnouncer

The ADZnouncer is a really cool feature that would allow publishers who install the ADZlink script on their website to receive free advertising across the ADZbuzz platform. You would be able to advertise your high quality content across ADZbuzz using the ADZnouncer which would help grow your audience and increase your exposure. The ADZnouncer is a free powerful traffic magnet for every publisher that joins ADZbuzz.

Free access to real-time case study to help bloggers

Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert at blogging there would be free valuable training available for you to benefit from. You would receive full access to the blog training and case study which would document the process of how to create a profitable blog from scratch.

This is a comprehensive real-time fully documented case study that will benefit so many people that want to learn more about ADZbuzz – the opportunity that they have joined – and how to start and build their very own online blog business; and generate passive income. The training and real-time case study is completely free for you to follow and implement.

The following is an example of some of the topics that may possibly be covered in the blog training:

Course 1: Introduction to ADZbuzz

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • The ADZbuzz Project Overview
  • ADZbuzz Overview of All Features
  • How to Make Money?
  • Set Your Goals – How Much Do You Want to Make?
  • ADZcoin and the Rise of Crypto-currencies
  • Conclusion

Course 2: The Foundation

  • Introduction About What is Needed
  • Finding Your Topic
  • Getting a Domain Name
  • Installing WordPress + WordPress Theme
  • Plugins to Install
  • Trick to Easily Get ADZbuzz Referrals Using Comment Section
  • Setting up Your Auto-responder
  • Creating a Form
  • Adding Forms to Your Site
  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Speeding up Your Website

Course 3: Content Creation

  • Introduction
  • Adding Categories for Your Content in Menu
  • Finding Content Ideas Using Alltop
  • The Content Creation Method Overview
  • Becoming an Expert – Create 5 Amazing Pieces of Content
  • Using the WordPress Editor
  • Using Images in WordPress Posts
  • Keyword Research
  • Using Tags

Course 4: SEO

  • Introduction
  • On-Page SEO Overview
  • On-Page SEO Tips
  • Building Backlinks

Course 5: Traffic

  • Introduction
  • ADZbuzz Community Setup
  • The ADZnouncer
  • Collaborating with Fellow Bloggers
  • Social Media Leverage Through the Content Creation Tactic
  • Online Forums
  • Blog Comments
  • Guest Blogging

Course 6: Email Marketing

  • Introduction
  • Increasing Sign-ups Tactics
  • Creating Your Broadcasts

Course 7: Social Media

  • Introduction
  • ADZbuzz Communities and Tools
  • The ADZbuzz Growth Method
  • Promoting on Facebook
  • The Twitter Method
  • Google Plus Leverage
  • Reddit Method
  • Video Marketing

Course 8: Making More Money with Funnels

  • Introduction
  • Installing the ADZbuzz Landing Page
  • Email Follow ups For ADZbuzz

Course 9: Promoting the ADZbuzz Funnel

  • Forum Promotions
  • Warrior Plus Method
  • The Flippa Method
  • Free Promo Method for Hustlers
  • Solo Ads

Course 10: Real Results

  • Case Studies


It should be clear by now that the multiple benefits on offer for just signing up to ADZbuzz is ludicrous. We have not seen anything else like it with the magnitude of free benefits it is providing people. Every publisher and internet marketer wants traffic and an income stream and ADZbuzz is providing you that all for free plus more – simply for just signing up.

Sooner or later many publishers and internet marketers will be aware of ADZbuzz and its free benefits just like people are aware of Facebook and Twitter. But for those reading this post before ADZbuzz officially launches you get a slight early advantage of knowing about it before the masses.

You can create your free ADZbuzz account here.

Note: During the beta phase not everything is completed and available. However people can still join ADZbuzz and promote the affiliate program meanwhile until the platform officially launches, then everything mentioned above and more would be ready for you to freely benefit from.

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2 thoughts on “ADZbuzz – A Wealth of Opportunity for Publishers and Internet Marketers

  1. A bit of background about ADZbuzz; it is currently in Beta and relatively new on the market. So there is not much buzz yet on the internet about ADZbuzz, but that will soon change once the platform is ready to launch by the end of February 2016. FEBRUARI 2017 that is .

    Very nice !! Only the date is wrong

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