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ADZbuzz uBlock Vs. Adblock Plus (ABP)

ADZbuzz uBlock Vs. Adblock Plus (ABP)

ADZbuzz uBlock and Adblock Plus (ABP) are both ad-blockers. They are both free to install and more or less are designed to do the same thing which is block ads from being displayed on your web browser.

We recommend web users to install an ad-blocker for the many benefits it provides, such as:

  • Blocks all kinds of annoying intrusive ads from being displayed on your browser, such as pop up ads, video ads, banner ads and so on.
  • Provides privacy protection against tracking cookies that collects data on your surfing habits which are sent to third parties and used against you to display tailor made ads on your browser
  • Provides protection against malvertising (malicious advertising) that can infect your PC with malware and cause all sorts of trouble simply from visiting a website that is displaying an infected ad. A well known malware that has infected major sites before is ransonware. It encrypts your hard drive and requires you to send the culprit a payment in Bitcoin to have it decrypted. Very dangerous stuff!
  • Improves the browser performance and surfing experience
  • Gives the user control to allow ads through the filters on any website if you want to rather than be forced to being exposed to ads
  • Avoids the display of repetitive irrelevant ads or of products that have already been purchased
  • Using an ad-blocker on mobile platforms is less draining on the battery than surfing without it
  • Helps cut down on wasted bandwidth which is perfect for people surfing using a data plan with a capped data allowance. A lot of data can be consumed through the display of ads which can all be saved by using an ad-blocker
It is clear that the benefits of using an ad-blocker outweigh not having one; unless you consider being exposed to constant ads as a more significant advantage. But it appears that web users are in favour of ad-blockers, as year after year they are being adopted by millions of people across the globe with a current estimation of 500 million ad-block users across all platforms and growing.

In this article we are going to compare Adblock Plus (ABP) a well known and the most popular ad-blocker on the market with over 100 million active users with ADZbuzz uBlock a relatively new ad-blocker that was released in December 2016.

Adblock Plus


It was released in 2006 and has become the most popular ad-blocker across all platforms. Apart from functioning as an ad-blocker one of the biggest let downs of ABP is when it started to allow ‘acceptable ads’ to pass through their filters. ABP accepts payments from major advertising networks in exchange to white-list their ads and let them pass through their filters. They have also started selling white-listed ads for publishers to show on their site in which they would share some of the revenue with them.

And this is a huge problem for ad-block users. People who install ad-blockers do so because they have made a conscious decision that they do not want to be exposed to any advertisements – which is the purpose of an ad-blocker after all. Not only is it very paradoxical for an ad-blocker to be serving out ads to their users, it is also very pointless as you are serving ads to people who have made an effort not to see them whatsoever.

Needless to say ABP users have not taken this news well and everybody that is actually serious about ad-blocking have just done the obvious and moved on to other ad-blockers that actually do what they are supposed to do to begin with.

And we have done the same!

Uninstalled ABP and moved straight onto ADZbuzz uBlock which is on a whole different league when it comes to the world of ad-blockers.

ADZbuzz uBlock


As mentioned it is a relatively new ad-blocker released this month. It is an improvement of the open source ad-blocker uBlock Origin that many ABP users have now migrated to. And we recommend this ad-blocker 100% for its function and the innovative concept behind the company ADZbuzz Ltd. that has released it.

ADZbuzz is building a system that helps publishers monetize their traffic and earn even from ad-block users; to finally solve this problem for publishers once and for all without inconveniencing ad-block users in the process. And ADZbuzz uBlock is part of their design.

Benefits of using ADZbuzz uBlock:
  • Provides all the benefits of all the other ad-blockers and does not deliberately allow any ads through their filters
  • Very easy to use and install
  • Very efficient and effective with thousands of more filters than other popular ad-blockers out there
  • It is easy on memory and light on resource usage
  • Users can earn ADZcoins and use them to save money shopping by creating an ADZbuzz account and installing this ad-blocker
  • It has an affiliate program for those who want to take advantage of it and earn a passive income by sharing their referral link with others

Not only is ADZbuzz uBlock very efficient at doing its job as an ad-blocker but it also has an earning opportunity attached with it that makes it very unique. And sharing an ad-blocker with others is actually a product of value that is free and has lots of benefits, so the referral program basically sells itself.

These are the criteria for people to earn from the ADZbuzz uBlock affiliate program:

  1. Create an ADZbuzz account
  2. Install ADZbuzz uBlock
  3. Share your referral link with others to do the above two steps

It is as simple as 1,2,3! How easy is that?

Here is an example of the above process. Once  signed up to ADZbuzz you would have your very own link which you can share with others.

At the moment ADZbuzz uBlock may not be available to download on all web browsers as it is still pending approval on some of the browsers, but it is available on Chrome. Even if you do not want to be part of the affiliate program we still recommend that you install ADZbuzz uBlock as it is free and would change your browsing experience tremendously!

We would leave you with this video to see ADZbuzz uBlock in action.

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