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ADZcoin – What on Earth Are They?


ADZcoin Introduction

ADZcoin is a decentralized crypto-currency also known as digital currency. The most famous of them all is Bitcoin which was once valued at cents to reach over $1000 in value. Today there are literally hundreds of crypto-currency coins on the market, which are referred to as alternative coins (i.e. alternative to Bitcoin).

The main purpose of digital currencies is to be used in transactions as a form of payment. Bitcoin was the first of its kind to offer a method of direct payment anonymously between two people without going through a third party processor that takes a substantial percentage cut. It is because of its limited supply but high demand, as more people started to adopt Bitcoin over the years that has lead to its value skyrocketing from cents to hundreds of dollars today.

ADZcoins is an alternative coin that has so much potential to gain huge value from the price it is today at mere cents. We know many people probably say that about every coin that it has potential to gain value – however ADZcoins are not like every other coin out there on the market.

The concept and system behind ADZcoins is very attractive for mass adoption, which just like Bitcoin is governed by the same laws of supply and demand. ADZcoins has a limited supply and will potentially have constant guaranteed demand. Thus, being able to buy ADZcoins at cents today is an insanely lucrative investment opportunity for the well informed risk-takers.

ADZcoin Usages

ADZcoin will be able to be used on ADZbuzz which is a must have account if you want to have a safe place to store your ADZcoin and be a part of the growing ADZcoin community. Learn more about ADZbuzz and how it can benefit you in the long-run by earning ADZcoin and so much more.

People that own ADZcoin would be able to use their coins for:

  • Buying marketing products/services and training on ADZbuzz to help build their online business
  • Shopping in ADZbuzz Market Place which is a similar platform to Fiverr
  • Advertising their product inventory on ADZbuzz Savers if you are a merchant to gain more customers
  • Shopping in future online stores that accepts ADZcoin as a payment option
  • Trading their coins for fiat currency on the open market

But for now considering the price is still so cheap we recommend that you buy ADZcoin and store them in your ADZbuzz account as an investment, because it has so much more value to gain ahead of it. Now is definitely the time to buy while the price is still at cents.

The Concept of ADZcoin

Every digital currency coin has a concept and purpose, which basically explains their function and role. What you find today is many alternative digital currencies have a concept that will attract a niche market. And ADZcoins has done just that, but the only difference is the market it will attract basically makes up the World Wide Web with all the information it has on it today!

ADZcoins concept is all about helping publishers (i.e. content creators) earn an extra revenue stream, and to help them make up potential lost revenue due to the rise of ad-blocker users. If you don’t know what an ad-blocker is they are simply amazing, and we cannot blame anyone who downloads them because the benefits they provide the web user is 100% worth it!

You can download that particular ad-blocker here and enjoy ad-free surfing and a lot more!

But those little things that take a second to install are actually causing publishers to lose billions of dollars in potential revenue, believe it or not. And publishers are actually at loss on how to deal with this problem successfully, whilst ad-blockers are being adopted by hundreds of millions of people and growing across the globe. This is where ADZcoins come in, because they have created the ultimate solution to ad-blockers with their innovative system that will benefit publishers and not inconvenience ad-block users.

It is important to understand this because this is why ADZcoin’s concept is so attractive. As it is solving a real world issue that is a billion dollar problem. People who understand this well see the future potential in ADZcoin gaining so much more value than their current price at cents, whilst the system is still in beta and will not officially launch until another two months time.

In our opinion owning ADZcoin now as an investor is the best time to buy. For a coin that has such a powerful concept behind it; and will benefit millions of people across the globe; and would soon be mainstream with its game-changing concept – to be able to currently buy into them at cents is a great opportunity indeed. Just like it was for the early Bitcoin investors who saw the potential in Bitcoin’s concept and bought into it.

To learn more about ADZcoins stay tuned to this blog and download our free e-book: The Ultimate Solution to Ad-blockers.


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