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ADZcoin – How to Earn Them?


ADZcoin at the time of writing is priced at $0.012 cents. It is an absolute steal. The price is expected to be well over a $1 once the project moves out of beta and the system is ready to be officially launched. And the sky is literally the limit when the system takes off and more publishers use ADZlink monetization to generate an extra revenue stream by monetizing all their traffic – including from ad-block users – on their websites.

The system has a viral nature to it so huge potential growth is expected, and eventually the ADZbuzz logo and brand would be known across the web just as the Facebook and Twitter logos are. People would recognise the brand as being the reason why they can surf the web ad-free whilst still supporting their favourite publishers as well.


So ADZcoins right now is a bargain!

If you manage to secure some at the price it is now and the value just reaches $1 that would be a capital gain of 9,999%, and returns like this are not unusual in the world of crypto-currency. We expect ADZcoins to reach beyond $1 as the business grows, making it a good long-term investment.

The big question is how can you get your hands on some, especially as the price is so cheap right now, thus the risk is very minimal with the potential gains being tremendous. First thing first, you need to create an ADZbuzz account so you have your very own ADZcoin web wallet to store your ADZcoins. Also it is important to have an ADZbuzz account because many ways to earn ADZcoins begin from there.

Here are the various ways you can get your hands on some ADZcoins

ADZcoin Savers Extension

By installing the ADZcoin Savers plugin on your web browser which would help you save money when shopping online by showing you products at competitive prices. Every one who has created an ADZbuzz account and installed the ADZcoin Savers extension would earn free ADZcoins every day directly to their ADZbuzz web wallet. So long as you keep the ADZcoin Savers extension installed, which is also beneficial as it would help you save money when shopping online too.

Affiliate Programs

The ADZbuzz affiliate programs are as easy as it gets for anyone to earn free ADZcoins passively. There are more than one affiliate programs on ADZbuzz that anyone will be able to earn from. And to join any of the affiliate programs all you need to do is create an ADZbuzz account and share your referral link with others. It is that simple and easy with no cost involved.

ADZbuzz has an affiliate program that will target regular web users and an affiliate program that will target publishers and/or internet marketers. Affiliates would earn from their referrals on either program once they have signed up using your ADZbuzz referral link.

The affiliate program that targets regular web users would direct people to create an ADZbuzz account which is a content discovery social media platform and to install the ADZcoin Savers extension which would help people save money when shopping online and plus to earn free daily ADZcoins too. So long as your ADZbuzz referrals install the ADZcoin Savers extension, you as their sponsor would earn daily passive ADZcoins from them each day they visit ADZbuzz. And they would visit ADZbuzz too because not only would it be an amazing platform with a lot of stuff to do on it – people would want to know how much ADZcoins they are earning in their ADZbuzz web wallets each day.

The affiliate program that targets publishers and/or internet marketers to join ADZbuzz is very lucrative and provides so much value for them that it would be an easy sale. Just for signing up to ADZbuzz they would receive a lot of freebies ranging from monetizing of their website to free advertising and more. There would also be a monthly paid offer package within ADZbuzz that includes various internet marketing services/products ranging from web hosting to even content writers and much more. Every time any of your referrals purchase the paid offer package you would earn monthly recurring commissions.

Remember every referral is tied to your ADZbuzz account for life which is really cool, so you can potentially generate a nice passive income stream through the amazing ADZbuzz affiliate programs that basically sells itself.

Being a Publisher

Another way you can easily earn ADZcoin as an extra passive income stream is if you are a publisher. After all this is what the ADZbuzz project and ADZcoin are all about – helping publishers generate revenue from their traffic especially from ad-block users.

Briefly this would work by publishers creating an ADZbuzz account and from their account back-end they can quickly install the ADZlink plugin and add it to their website. This would help publishers monetize their traffic alongside their conventional ad-revenue. It is a no-brainer to add the ADZlink as it is 100% free and it would also make you earn from ad-block users too, which conventional ad-revenue does not.

Every user that installs the ADZcoin Saver extension will receive daily ADZcoins in a separate donation wallet which they would only be able to use to donate to publishers through the ADZlink. Millions of people will actively be supporting the publishers they like through this donation feature alone.

Online Merchant

As ADZcoins become more popular and used by more people another way you can easily earn ADZcoin is by accepting them as a payment option in e-commerce. The ADZbuzz project has its very own payment gateway called ADZbuzzPay which will make it very easy for merchants to accept ADZcoin as a payment option on their website.

All you would need is an ADZbuzz account.

Purchasing ADZcoin on Exchanges

Another easier way to get your hands on some ADZcoin is by simply purchasing them from exchanges. An exchange is a platform where people can buy and sell digital currencies setting their own prices. There are various exchanges that currently allow ADZcoin to be traded on their platform such as Livecoin, Yobit, Novaexchange and very soon ADZbuzz will have its very own in-house exchange making it very easy for the community to buy/sell their coins for Bitcoin. And in the future nearly every exchange will likely add ADZcoin to their platform.

If you are familiar with buying Bitcoin on an exchange then the process of buying ADZcoin would be the same. We recommend using the Livecoin exchange to purchase ADZcoin either using Bitcoin or USD until the ADZbuzz exchange is ready. Watch this video for a quick tutorial on how to buy ADZcoin using Bitcoin on the Livecoin exchange.

It is possible to buy ADZcoin on the Livecoin exchange by first depositing USD which you can then use to buy ADZcoin directly. However, if you mostly deal with GBP then we recommend that you first use either Bittylicious to purchase Bitcoin using bank transfer and send the Bitcoin to your Livecoin deposit Bitcoin address. Then use those Bitcoins to purchase ADZcoins on the Livecoin exchange. And then send those ADZcoin to your ADZbuzz web wallet to store them, as we do not recommend storing any coins on any exchanges.

This may sound complicated but it is actually quite simple. And once you do it the first time it becomes second nature there after. We suggest that you practice purchasing ADZcoin your first time using a small amount as £5 and once you get the hang of it then you can purchase as much as you want.

ADZcoin Mining

Mining is basically the virtual process by which the coins are created and come into existence. Computers around the world mine for digital currencies which helps keeps the transactions working and validated. As a result miners of any digital currency earns rewards for helping to secure the network.

Earning ADZcoin through mining is more technical and requires specific computer components that will do the work. We recommend that you read this article about mining alternative coins if this is a route you would like to take to earn ADZcoin.

Mining does consume up electricity however can still be very profitable, especially in the case of ADZcoin that are so cheap and has so much room ahead of it to grow.

These are some of the ways people can get their hands on some ADZcoin. Some of the free earning opportunities are still under development and won’t be ready until the system is officially launched, which is by the end of February 2017. However, people can still join the affiliate program and promote their referral link until then to build their referral list. Also people can still purchase ADZcoin on the exchanges or mine the coin too.
Stay tuned to this blog for more information about the ADZbuzz Project and follow us by email too!

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